"The Hurricane" left us

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Today I was planning on telling you something about our Snooker National League games, but I’m afraid I shall have to postpone my story, since today is a very sad day for snooker.

As many of you, already know, Alex "Hurricane" Higgins left us, at the age of 61. But I must tell you first that I don’t want to make a big article about this subject, for I think that a person’s death is a very fragile subject and must be treated with respect and consideration. And moreover...I hate those type of articles where people say how sorry they are for the loss, although they treated him like dirt when he was still alive. But let’s not cross that bridge, shall we?

If you like/love snooker, you definitely heard about Alex Higgins. You know his achievements, his snooker game, his crazy personal life etc. He was fighting a powerful throat cancer, which he defeated with chemotherapy. Still the negative effect of this sort of treatment rushed in and he lost his teeth and was living on baby food for many years.

On Youtube.com you can find this video. It’s actually an interview. It’s amazing to see this tiny, little man who defeated a cruel disease playing snooker. And doing a terrific job! I watched this video some months ago and I remember wondering how the hell, he can still play? I mean, I know the cue isn’t very heavy, but still! The determination of this man, this almost phantom-like man, was incredible! He though us a valuable lesson: You can’t teach talent! You either have it, or you don’t!

Oh...and one more thing... You NEVER, EVER give up! You have to fight until the end!!!
Rest in peace!