On your mark, get set...Goooo!!!

18:25:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

I remember my first encounter with Snooker some time ago. EuroSport was involved and I had no idea whatsoever what am I looking at. Some very well dressed men were playing some sort of billiards or pool...I don’t know, the balls were very colorful and the gentlemen were very determined to pot them into the right pockets. :))

It was love at first sight, although I had no idea about rules (well, to be honest I’m not 100% certain not even now, that I know them: p) or about the name of the game. Hell! I couldn’t even pronounce Snooker. It was soooo damn hard back then. :))

But the years gone by and my research on the game made me love it more and more. It became an important part of my life and I became a part of "his". But my love for Snooker stops at being just a spectator and sometimes a critic :P. I don`t play Snooker and to be honest I don’t intend to do it any time soon, for I think I would probably ruin the perfection of the game with my clumsy "technique" :))

Snooker is a wonderful and amazing sport. It has all the ingredients to become one of the most popular sports in the world. And although I admit no-one plays Snooker like the British or the Irish, or the Australian (look at the new world champion, Neil Robertson) or the Chinese ( Din JungHui has a lot of potential), Snooker is growing more and more in Romania. And I’m very proud of this :D

So...my passion/obsession for Snooker made me start this blog. I hope that I shall find more Snooker Loopy out there, willing to share their experience with Snooker, for I want this blog to be an interactive place.:)