Statement of the day - Peter Ebdon

16:18:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Peter Ebdon made a very weird statement today, according to web-site. Without any introductions, here’s the statement:

"I would like to make it known that I consider that I will not be in a position to play to the best of my ability in my Roewe Shanghai Masters qualifying match in Sheffield next week.

"This is down to personal circumstances, including the fact that I am getting re-married in Hungary this weekend. Since playing in a recent tournament in Thailand I have not been able to practice, and by the time the qualifiers come around I will not have played for ten days or more.

"I know just how bad I can be when I don't feel properly prepared as I am the type of player who needs to practice hard in order to play to a reasonable standard.

"As always, I will be doing my utmost to win what is a very important match for me but in truth, my levels of expectation will not be very high."

Well…I didn’t see that coming! :)) It’s true that Ebdon is a colorful character and his actions aren’t always the proper ones (we all remember when he “fainted” during a snooker match), but he is a very focus player and he impose himself in the world of snooker with a remarkable style.

So, considering all the above and many other things, this statement should not be a surprise. Still, it is not something that you see every day and moreover this is part of “no way” section. I don’t think this is the best manner to announce that you will not play at your best…but what am I saying here? You shouldn’t declare under any circumstances this sort of things. I mean, I don’t think is fair for your future opponents and for the honesty of the game. It’s like saying “Ok, I shall come and play, but most likely I shall lose, so…well...”. This is not a cool thing to do and snooker doesn’t need this type of approach, if you ask me, but I’m sure he meant well when he wrote this statement…in his on special way :)

Still…I’m very curious to see the match. ;)