And the winner is...

03:44:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

As you already know, The South West Snooker Academy (SWSA) held The World Open Qualifier event in the last day of July and broadcasted LIVE the entire event. A perfect transmission (without any sound though), no interruptions and what’s most important: I didn’t see the players in slow motion! :))

Both semi-finals and the grand finale were refereed by Paul Collier, who looked absolutely adorable in his pink t-shirt (the SWSA label) and his white gloves. But, it’s all about the attitude, so I saw the same professionalism and elegance as always. :)

The final battle was given between Andrew Norman and Sam Baird. A wonderful finale, with great shots and beautiful breaks of 72 for Andrew and 55 and 64 for Sam. The final score was 3-2 for Sam, who sees his dream come true; he is going to play against Anda Zhang in the World Open Tournament in Scotland in September and he also receives a 6 months scholarship to SWSA.

It was a true delight to see the whole event LIVE and I think that snooker needs more of this kind of initiatives. Even if is only for the qualifying rounds. It doesn’t matter! What matters is that you can see true snooker. I mean, I saw "Crucible" shots! It was incredible!
Paul Mount`s team did a really good job. Although I didn’t see a clear schedule, so I didn’t know who’s playing with who, I applaud the effort of organizing such an event. It’s not that easy, but they did it. And Janie Watkins was posting tones of photos on her FaceBook page, so I had the feeling that I was there, among the players. That’s a terrific job!

I’m looking forward to The World Open Tournament in September! We already know who’s playing (well, most of the spots are filled: P) and to see Neil Robertson v. Graeme Dott (again :P) and Steve Davis v. Peter Ebdon it’s just great! :P