Farewell "Hurricane"!

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This Monday August 2, family, friends and all the people who loved and admired Alex Higgins went to pay their respects at his funeral, in Belfast at St. Anne’s Cathedral. It seemed like a small place for all the tearful friends and relatives, who mourned his death.

Jimmy White, Stephen Hendry, Willie Thorne and Ken Doherty were some of the great snooker names who were seen at the funeral. Jimmy was in no condition to read the tribute he had written for his beloved friend Alex, so the Anglican Dean of Belfast, Dr Houston McKelvey was the one who read it: "Only a year ago, Alex was talking about playing again and coming on the road with me. It angers me that he never listened to anyone, close friends or family – but that was Alex. He was an individual, his own man, he was 'The Hurricane’. I will miss him to the end.”
A very emotional moment was also the one when Alex’s daughter, Lauren read a poem to his dad. Here, you can see the video.
Steve Davis dedicated on his "Interesting Alternative" radio show the last song to Alex.A "Gentle Giant" song from their LP "Missing piece".

What we see and play today, the today snooker was "polished" by Alex Higgins. With his ups and downs, like every human being, he defined snooker as we know it. Yes, he probably made mistakes, but he was only human, and as Dean Dr Houston McKelvey said: "Alex, at a very young age, encountered two of the greatest temptations possible – fame and fortune. He found it difficult to cope with both. He was not the first to find this difficult, and he certainly will not be the last".

May he rest in peace! Farewell "Hurricane"!