Happy Birthday, Steve Davis!

15:48:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Today, I have the honor and privilege to write a little something about my favorite snooker player, Steve Davis. :) He’s celebrating his 53th birthday and so... “Happy Birthday, mate!" :))

Steve won six times the World Championship, he is the first who hit the maximum break on television, in 1982, during Lada Classic, has five International Open titles, four UK Championship titles, he won three times the Grand Prix, two times the British Open, he "fought over the black" in 1985 with Dennis Taylor in a spectacular match that is now history, he kicked John Higgins’s ass in 2010 in a match filled with tension and drama and the list goes on.

"The Nugget" in action
"The Nugget" is an amazing snooker player, a breathing legend and a source of inspiration for anyone, I dare to say; no matter if you’re in the snooker business or not, this guy gives you a lesson of class, professionalism and elegancy. He is a genuine talent, a wonderful sportsman but also an awesome DJ and a very, very funny guy! :))

Happy Birthday, Nugget! :)

If you want to see some great snooker (147 break included :P) here you go: