The Mentor Ronnie O`Sullivan

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"Follow me, if you want to become a great snooker player!" :)
Hear him, hear him! "World Snooker" Production, corporate, Ldt., studios, stables and whatever :)), is proud to present a new film that will become a huge success in no time " A mentor for a snooker player", starring Ronnie O`Sullivan (as The Mentor) and the rest of the world (as the youngsters hungry for snooker). Noooo, I`m just kidding! :)) As you’ve probably already guessed, I’m referring to the recent interview that "The Rocket" has exclusively given to Sky Sports News.

It seems like our beloved Ronnie, this genius with the crazy eyebrows, thinks he has nothing more to prove to the snooker world and would like to start mentoring the youngsters who want to get involved in this sport. He says he wants to give something back to the sport that has made him known all over the world.
But that should not come as a shock for you, right? A month ago I was reading that he bought a yacht and he lives in it, away from the crowded city. You know, beer, telly, the World Football Championship was on, no stress! :)) He is well known to be an impulsive guy, I mean didn’t he conceded the game to Stephen Hendry some time ago? ;) Still, this idea, of giving something back to snooker is not so new. I’ve often seen him coaching children or giving precious advice to the young players and if I’m not wrong, during the World Snooker Championship, when the BBC was interviewing John Parott or Dennis Taylor, somewhere in the background Ronnie was "supervising" the children’s game.

"I am beautiful, no matter what they say..." :))
"I hope there's moments of joy that I can bring to people that watch the game. I hope there's moments I can help other young players achieve their dreams coming into snooker - I hope there's something I can give back to the sport in that way.
Not because I want to be seen as a goody two-shoes that wants to be seen as the ambassador of snooker, because it's not like that at all. But working with young players coming through who want to be the best and who want to win tournaments.", said Ronnie. 

A very emotional statement, if you ask me. And maybe is just me, but the guy seems to get along very well with the young players. He has children of his own and the way he couches the youngsters, well...let’s just say, the guy has it! And now I ask you in all honesty, the guy’s a genius, wouldn’t you be proud to have a mentor like him? :)

Still, I think many fans will be disappointed reading this: "Getting to number would be nice but I'm not going to break my neck. Winning another world would be nice but I'm not going to break my neck. I just enjoy giving back to the sport.", added Ronnie. It’s true, is not a very beautiful thing to hear, but as we know Ronnie he doesn’t even need to WANT something. I mean his talent and his natural way of potting those crazy balls, are weapons that could hit any opponent. The main thing is for him not to get angry when he misses a shot, for he loses his concentration and that’s no good. It’s true, he’s 34 years old, and at this age, many snooker players give up the game and start managing their own private snooker clubs, but our Ronnie? I think he has more to give to the game as a player. Has more to give and I think he doesn’t even realize it. He’s a pure genius!

"Sometimes people think: 'well why is he doing it if he hates it that much?' I love it that much I get frustrated with it. But you know what? People are going to have to put up with that and just get used to me because I probably won't be going away soon.", said Ronnie.
That answer is sooo Ronnie like! :P I mean, it’s like asking Stephen Hendry who is going to win the next match, just after he lost, and he’ll be replaying :" I don’t know and I don’t care!" :))
A friend of mine, told me once that Ronnie is the perfect combination between Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hide. Well, blimey if I don’t like the guy and his beautiful craziness! :))