PTC 3 - Day 1

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An awful day for any snooker loopy out there. So damn frustrating! Can I say damn on my own blog? Well, sure I can...right? : P
So, Players Tour Championship 3 (PTC 3) is on and at the same time the chaos is the new trend in town, for yesterday it was a true nightmare to keep in touch with what happened at The Sheffield Academy. Since is not fully updated (I still have no idea, why!) I’ve decided to "park my car" at But boy was I surprised to find that half a day nothing moved on their web-site. Not one single score was posted.
Why? Well, our dear Janie Watkins, the one who fought for keeping the site up to date left the company for Paul Mount’s South West Snooker Academy. And even if I’m happy for her, I find myself in the position of not knowing what’s happening at the PTC 3. But Janie was so sweet to keep us inform through her FaceBook page or her Twitter account. She has her own problems but still she found time to help the ones in need...for scores: P Such a wonderful person! Thanks, Janie! :)

But let’s forget all that and start the story of PTC 3 - Day 1, ok?

No doubt, the man of the moment is Mark Selby! The winner of the PTC 2 event was at his best at Sheffield. He beat the Thai Noppon Saengkham (4-0), the 2006 world champion, Graeme Dott (4-0) and Ryan Day (4-1). What an exceptional performance! Are we going to see "The Jester from Leicester" winning the PTC 3 event, also? Well, it’s a big possibility. ;)

At the same time, Barry Hawkins had an amazing day, too. He won 4-0 over Paul Davis, 4-1 over Kurt Maflin and 4-1 over James McGouran. And like a bonus, he hit a 147 break! Pretty cool, right? Well, the boy has a lot of potential and he isn’t afraid to show it! :)

The 19 year-old Jack Lisowski is back in business, baby! :) He beat Jimmy Michie (4-2), Ben Woollanston (4-0) and Stuart Carsington (4-4). Now, wait a minute! Something isn’t right here...4-4 in a match with "the best out of 7" rule? Well, try to explain this to the boys from, for they seem to think this is possible.:)) No, in fact Jack won 4-3, which makes more sense, if you think about it :))

Let’s take a short trip to Brazil, shall we? No? Why? Ok, ok, but you should know that Igor Figueiredo made it into the last 16 players at the PTC 3 event. He won over Joe Delaney (4-1), Ben Harrison (4-3) and Patrick Einsle (4-1).

No the best day though, for the legends of snooker. Steve Davis lost 4-2 to Kurt Maflin (mrrr!), Peter Ebdon at the same score, to Patrick Einsle and "The Whirlwind" Jimmy White lost 4-3 to Maltese Tony Drago.

The second day of PTC 3 event, will probably be as chaotic as the first one, with delayed scores and stuff like that. Tonight, I’ve asked Dave Hendon if he knew the score between Stuart Carrington and Jack Lisowski, and he replayed: "no but we should find out in a few days" LOL, he has a point, you know! :P
Anyway, hopefully "with a little help from my friends" as one of The Beatles song says, I’ll be able to know what’s going on at The Sheffield Academy.
I wish a nice weekend to all the snooker loopy out there! :)

P.S. Click here, for the results.