PTC 3 - Day 2

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If you were to search the word "surprise" in the dictionary a big photo of the PTC 3 event will definitely be there. :)) At least for the second day of the tournament. Why am I saying this? Well, my dears...what if I was to tell you that Shaun Murphy (world champion in 2005), Mark Williams (world champion in 2000 and 2003), Ken Doherty (world champion in 1997) and Neil Robertson (world champion in 2010) left the competition?! Well, that’s a shock, isn’t it? :)

Mark Williams, the winner of the PTC 1, lost to Ian Glover (4-1), Shaun Murphy lost to amateur Martin O’Donnell (4-3), Ken Doherty was defeated by Jamie Cope (4-1) and "The Aussie" Neil Robertson saw himself in the position of saying "Goodbye", having lost 4-2 by the Welsh Dominic Dale; although he won the first match against Allan Taylor (4-0).

The only feminine figure of the tournament, Reanne Evans lost 4-0 to Dave Harold, Alfie Burden won over Mark Milkins (4-2), but was defeated by Stephen Lee (4-1) and the Chinese "wonder-boy" Anda Zhang lost 4-3 to Adrian Gunnell.

Dominic Dale, had an exceptional day at The Sheffield Academy, for he won over Simon Bedford (4-0), beat Neil Robertson (4-2) and won over the runner-up of the PTC 2 event, Barry Pinches with a tight 4-3. He is now on the last 16 and he’ll be playing against Andy Hicks today.

An outstanding performance had the Englishman Mark Davis, who beat Andy Lee (4-0), Liam Highfield (4-2) and Rory McLeod (4-1) but also Andrew Pagett who won over Marlie Walters (4-2), Andrew Higginson (4-3) and Stuart Pettman (4-1).

So, until now, according to and the ones who will be playing in the final day of the PTC 3 event are: Liang Wenbo, Dominic Dale, Andy Hicks, Marcus Campbell, Tom Ford, Andrew Pagett, Mark Davis,Adrian Gunnell and Anthony Hamilton.

Ok, so that’s it folks. See you tomorrow for the big day! ;)

Here, are the scores...well, a part of them. :P