PTC 4 - Day 2

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"The Welsh Potting Machine" is back in business
Hey there, my dears Snooker Loopy! Are you ready for some home cooked snooker? Oh, you are? Ok then, let’s begin! :))
The second day of PTC 4 event was crazy, crazy, crazy! Well, it was! :P I haven’t seen in a while so many tight matches, so many 4-3 scorelines, so much tension and so many surprises. For believe me, all these happened!

I admire every snooker player out there, but I have to give it to Mark Williams, for his performance was outstanding. After winning the PTC 1 event, he wasn’t at his best at PTC 2 event, when he went home after only two matches. But, boy is he on the track now! I’m happy to see him play like this. He is a wonderful snooker player and has a very unique style.:) So, yesterday, he beat Ben Harrison (4-1), Jamie O’Neill (4-2) and Andrew Higginson by the same 4-2 scoreline.

"The Barry gang" :)) had a very good performance also. Barry Pinches (the runner-up from PTC 2 event) had quite the "Asian" day, for he won over Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon from Thailand (maybe 3T will be a easy nickname for this guy :P) 4-0, beat the Chinese Chen Zhe by 4-2 and also the Welsh youngster Jak Jones (4-0).
Barry Hawkins had a remarkable day also, defeating Adam Duffy 4-1, Lee Page 4-2 and Ian Glover by 4-1.

Robbo was sent home by Daniel Wells
The biggest surprise of the day was the match between Daniel Wells and the 2010 world champion Neil Robertson. Robbo was the one who almost won the match, for he was leading 3-0, when Daniel made a remarkable comeback and won 4 frames in a row, letting Robbo speechless. Just fantastic!
Graeme Dott (world champion in 2006) was defeated by Adam Wicheard (4-3) and Shaun Murphy (world champion on 2005) lost by the same 4-3 to Matt Selt. Not a very good day for these three guys, unfortunately.

The bad news were "in vogue" today, for "The Whirlwind" withdrew from the tournament due to ill health (it seems to be gout) and the PTC 3 winner, Tom Ford lost his first match to Martin O’Donnell (4-3) due to a football leg injury, which didn’t allowed him to practice in a more proper way.

On a more optimist note, we had beautiful breaks: Jamie O’Neill (100), Matt Selt (100), Stephen Lee (102), Chris Norbury (103), Graeme Dott (104), Barry Pinches (105), Daniel Wells (108), Michael Holt (109), Mike Dunn (109), Barry Hawkins (116), Stuart Carrington (121), Andy Hicks (124,129), Liu Song (128) and Joe Perry with a wonderful 135, that also meant a total clearance of the table.

So, we have a new week ahead of us, but for PTC 4 event this also means the end date. But don’t you worry, for I’m sure it will be an amazing day - "snooker on bread" as they day in my country! :)
See you tomorrow and have a great week!

Here, are the results.