PTC 4 - the last day

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Barry Pinches, the winner of the PTC 4 event
What’s that in the sky? Is it a plane? Noooooo! Is it a bird? Nooooo! Is it a "Rocket"? Nooooo (even if you might think so :P) ! Then what the hell is it? :)) Well, we should take a jet and write his name on the sky, for ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the PTC 4 event is ...... Barry Pinches!!! :)

So, PTC 4 event comes to an end and you have to know that the last day was definitely the most insane one. :P A lot of comebacks and bloody fantastic ones believe me, a lot of tension, a lot of 3-3 scoreline. I think that is very hard for a player to reach to a 3-3 scoreline. I mean from that point you know you are not allowed to miss one single shot for it might mean the end of the competition for you. The pressure and the tension of a tight score are, I dare to say, tremendous!

Ronnie O`Sullivan v. Marco Fu, Dominic Dale v. Stephen Maguire, Barry Pinches v. Liu Song and Matthew Stevens v. Mark Williams were the ones who played in the quarter-finals.

Dominic Dale was about to reach the Final
A very interesting match was the one between Ronnie and Marco. Those two guys have a history, for Marco defeated Ronnie in the 2007 Grand Prix finale (9-6). But it seems that the role was inversed yesterday, because "The Rocket" practically crashed the Chinese Fu with 4-0.And what’s more interesting is that the biggest scoreline that Fu reached per frame was 23 (the other ones were 0, 0 and 1). A spectacular performance by "The Rocket"!
Dominic dale whitewashed Stephen Maguire by 4-0, Barry Pinches beat Liu Song 4-2 and Mark Williams won 4-1 over Matthew Stevens.

The semi-finals were played between Ronnie O`Sullivan and Dominic Dale on one hand and Barry Pinches and Mark Williams on the other.
Again, the first match had more drama and tension (since Ronnie was on board :P). O`Sullivan was leading 3-1, when Dominic made an incredible comeback and equaled the score to 3-3, but the deciding frame was won by Ronnie.
The match between Pinches and Williams ended on 4-1 in favor of the Englishman.

So, in the final we had Ronnie v. Barry. A fantastic match! Too bad these events are not broadcasted, for it was amazing! First part of the match seemed like a "copy-paste" section from the semi-finals, for Ronnie was leading 3-1, when Barry fought back. The 6th frame, the one that made the 3-3 scoreline a reality, was a very tight one; 47-57 for Barry. Can you imagine? Only 10 points! The last frame was won by Barry.
A victory very much deserved for Barry, who is now number 1 in the general PTC top. He worked hard to achieve this and if I’m not wrong, this is his first winning in a ranking event. So congratulations!
"The Rocket" deserved the same congratulations, for he had a spectacular performance and he proved he can still do it!

Beautiful breaks were also in order, yesterday: Marco Fu (104,109), Tony Drago (111), Ronnie O`Sullivan (116,136), Liu Song (169) and Barry Pinches (134).

So, this is it! PTC 4 event is over, but don’t you worry my dears Snooker Loopy, for the World Open Qualifying event starts on Saturday. ;)

Here you have the complete results.