The Shanghai Masters Q - Day 3

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The third round was a little bit more different than its "sisters", for we had a pretty good idea who was the leading-player for most of the matches. Practically, we had eight matches which ended on 5-1 and only one with a 5-0 scoreline.

But this doesn’t mean that the tension and the drama weren’t "in vogue" like in the last days of the competition.
The match between Marcus Campbell and Alfie Burden started with Marcus winning the first three frames, but ended on 5-3 for Alfie. Well, that’s some twist isn’t it? :)
In a similar situation, the match between Stuart Pettman and the Chinese "wonder-boy" Anda Zhang made its debut. With a 1-1 tie, Anda changed the score to 4-1 in his favor, but Stuard wasn’t prepared to give up yet, so he balanced the score at 3-4; still not enough for Anda claimed his victory (5-3) and so entering in the final round where he’ll be playing against the Welsh Matthew Stevens.

A very unlucky day for the Maltese Tony Drago, who saw his dream flying away, after a fabulous performance here at the Sheffield Academy. He lost 5-3 to Anthony Hamilton, in a match which started with 2-2, continued with 4-2 and 4-3, but ended on 5-3, in favor of Anthony.
In the same position, the Brazilian Igor, lost (5-1) to the Irish Fergal O’Brien and so leaving the competition. A competition in which he gave his best shots and made a remarkable performance.
Dominic Dale, the first winner of The Shanghai Masters said "Goodbye, China!" after losing to his fellow country Michael White (5-1)

How about the big breaks? Well, we have a few ones: Fergal O’Brien (100), Tom Ford (103), Joe Swail (105) and Jamie Burnett with 136!.

Here, you can see the results.

The forth, and last round is the one which will gather the big names of snooker: Steve Davis, Peter Ebdon (not at his best performance, as he pre-announced: P), Ken Doherty, Michael Dunn, Joe Perry, Michael Holt, Mark Davis, in a snooker treat that should be televised. The youngsters will meet their idols, mentors...heroes. That should not be missed under any circumstances!
See you tomorrow, for the big finale! ;)