Snooker smells like coffee...

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Snooker likes coffee :)
Oh, Brazil, the country that Placido Domingo has sung about so many times, the country of coffee, of Rio Carnival, of sugarcane, of music, of...well, I’ll let you fill the spaces, for I’m out of at ideas, at the moment.:P
This beautiful and amazing country seems to have its own way of snooker. Yes, sir! It does! It is called Sinuca Brasileira, or Brazilian Snooker and it’s very huge here. It’s a little bit more different from the classic snooker, but it is interesting to watch, for it is a short version of a snooker game. It’s like they have their own Power Snooker! :))

Maybe many of you have heard about this type of snooker, this Brazilian version, so if I’m telling the story wrong, please don’t throw rocks at me, for the internet hasn’t many reliable information sources regarding this subject, since is not very popular outside the country. But let’s give it a try, shall we? Ok. :P

The Brazilian style of arranging the table
Sinuca Brasileira is not be mistaken by English Sinuca. The rules are very different!
Sinuca B. is played with one single red ball but with all the others colors. So, we will have the cue-ball, the red ball and the 6 pretty colorful balls. :)) .Each ball gets the same points as in classical snooker: the red one 1p., the yellow one 2p., the green one 3p., the brown one 4p., the blue one 5p., the pink one 6p. and finally the black one 7 p. The colors are spotted in their well known places, but the red ball is places on the right side, half-way between the pink and the cushion.

What are the most important two things when playing Sinuca Brasileira? The player has two types of shot:
The Free Shot, when a ball is hit but not potted, no penalty is in order and The Penalty Shot, when a ball is hit, but not potted and penalty is applied (seven points). Basically, The Free Shot refers to hit the ball with the lowest value on the table, while The Penalty Shot refers to hit the other ones.

The first shot must hit the red, but the player isn’t allowed to pot it or to snooker his opponent. If, however does so, or moreover he pots the cue-ball, the balls will be repositioned on the table and the match will start again.

Now, passing by the first shot, a Sinuca B. player has two options:
If he chooses to play the red ball (this being a Free Shot) and he pots it, the ball will not return to the table and the player gets one point. Next in line, he has to decide whether he plays the less valuable ball on the table (in this case the yellow one) or some other ball. If he plays the yellow, once potted this ball will not return to the table, but if he decides to play some other ball, after potting it he has to play the yellow. A player can choose to play other ball, beside the yellow one, so he can make more points. Practically he can pot that ball as many times as he likes (for the ball will be re-spotted on the table after every shot) but after that, he has no choice but to play the yellow.

If he chooses to play one of the six color balls (this being a Penalty Shot) once potted, the ball will return to the table, for the less valuable one (the red) is still on the table.

The Brazilian sure know how to party but also to play snooker

The match continues following the rules above, until the player with more points wins.

Maybe it sounds very twisted and hard, but it’s an interesting version of the classical snooker. It is very popular in Brazil and many youngsters enjoy watching it or playing it.
Me? Call me old-fashioned, but I’m more into the classics: P How about you? :))