World Open Q. - the last day

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James McBain has qualified for World Open
So here we are people, the last day, the last matches for World Open. It was, most likely, a difficult road for many players but these kinds of competitions are never easy. It’s been four days of crazy matches, tension and drama, tricky situations, wonderful comebacks...the perfect recipe for snooker. But let’s see what happened on the last day.

If you well remember, I have "dedicated" the first day of the qualifying rounds to Thailand, for its players were on fire!Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon (God, his name is killing me! :))) reached the third round but sadly he was defeated by the English Judd Trump with a decisive 3-0. I know I always make fun of his name, I mean come on! It’s like the road to the Moon! But the guy really is a great player. He has had a very good performance these last few days, and the whole season for that matter, although this doesn’t necessarily mean that he has to win, but I’m sure his talent and ambition will take him to victory in the near future.

Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
Alfie Burden’s dream to reach Scotland’s World Open was crashed yesterday, by the Chinese Marco Fu (3-2). And since we are talking about this 3-2 scorline, the match between Mark Allen (world number 10) and James McBaid (world number 73) was pure madness. Mark was leading 2-0, and I bet many of us already saw Mark qualified, but James won the next two frames and...also the third, ending the match in his favor. And that’s snooker for you! It doesn’t matter how you start the match, it matters how you play every minute of it.

Martin Gould won without any problems the match against Matt Selt (3-0), Allan McManus beat Anthony McGill by the same score and Marc Davis checked the World Open in his agenda, after winning 3-0 over Jamie Jones.

Tony Drago came a long way and has had a wonderful performance, here at Sheffield Academy, but unfortunately he lost 3-1 to Stephen Lee. Dominic Dale was send home by Fergal O’Brien (3-1) and the match between Joe Perry (world number 19) and Ken Doherty (world number 31) ended in favor of Ken (3-2).

Beautiful breaks for the last day: Ricky Walden (103), Liu Song (104), Jamie Cope (105), Mark Allen (108), James McBain (113) and Marc Davis (122).
Here you can see the final results.

The qualifying rounds for World Open have ended, but we still have 11 matches to be played at the beginning of the tournament in September - important matches! ;)
The show must go on, so in three days the European Players Tour Championship 1 (aka. Paul Hunter Classic) will begin and I dare to say this event will be very exciting. ;)