Frictions in snooker

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Fighting for a better snooker???!!!
The John Higgins` case hasn’t gathered dust yet and another scandal is about to erupt in the snooker world. According to the Daily Mail publication, it seems like Lee Doyle, chairman of 110sport (son of long-time Hearn’s enemy) has made a request for setting a EGM meeting of the WPBSA as soon as possible in order to discuss the outing of board members: Steve Davis, Jason Ferguson and Davis Douglas. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple. They are Barry Hearn’s choices.

Lee Doyle was the board director of the WPBSA from 2006, until this year, when he resign from his position in April. Back then he seemed not to agree with Barry’s way of reviving the snooker and his idea of becoming World Snooker Ltd chairman.
At that given moment, Lee declared: "I do understand what Barry is trying to achieve in snooker and we have discussed this at considerable length but on this one we agree to disagree. Barry has always run his own business and made his own decisions. However, I feel extremely uncomfortable where, from my perspective, decisions are being taken on contracts without me being consulted as a board member".

According to, Doyle said this campaign is not his personal idea, but that some players came to him demanding to take action. Who are those players? Here’s the list: Peter Ebdon, Adrian Gunnell, Alistair Carter, Nigel Bond, Martin Gould, Mike Dunn and Mark King.
The main deal here, seems to be that through the EGM meeting and the voting process, the three board member that I’ve mentioned before in the first paragraph should be replaced with: Lee Doyle, Jim McMahon and Nigel Bond.

I’m sure the media will practically explode in the next days and it will definitely turn this story on its every possible sides and looking at it from every possible angles. Yes, a lot of ink will pour for this story, but what’s really sad is that none of this will help snooker. Scandals after scandals will not bring the light to this wonderful sport. Snooker needs a breath of fresh air not some crazy and twisted battle for power.

I shall keep you inform on this subject in the following days.

Update October 6, 2010: According to, Ali Carter has requested that his name be withdrawn from the list of players who made the EGM requisition.

Update October 7, 2010: It seems like Mike Dunn and Peter Ebdon have withdrawn their names from this crazy petition also. They are dropping like flies! :-))
"I want to move on and concentrate being a player as being on the previous board has held me back for 7 yrs because of lack of practice i love the sport and want to be part of the new future", said Dunn for Hm, a little bit too late to realize that, don`t you think? Pfff
Anyway, Lee Doyle has made a statement on his website, saying that: "Ali stated to me his fear of retribution if he was to be linked to the proposal.It is clear there is still unrest in the game and until proper money is invested and the players are earning what they should be earning unfortunately this will not disappear." Yep, scary business this snooker thing! :-))

Update October 7, 2010: Jim McMahon asks that his name be also withdrawn from the list. This is a real shock since he was one of the three person who were proposed to be on the board!

Update 7 October, 2010 : Next in line, Martin Gould wants out! This is such a joke! Pfff...

Update 8 October, 2010: Dave Hendon just said it`s OFFICIAL! The coup is now history! Dropping like flies, one by one have withdrawn their name from the list! Wise decision! Let`s get back to snooker, shall we? ;-)

More to can bet on it! :-))