Peter Ebdon - gearing up for a big month

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Peter Ebdon wants a better place in the top rankings
This colorful character, this John Malkovich of modern snooker, Peter Ebdon has recently manifested his intentions to reach for a better place in the world rankings, according to web-site. But better, to let the article, to speak :)

Peter Ebdon is well aware that success in September is crucial if he is to return to the top 16 of the world rankings.The former world champion will compete in both the Shanghai Masters and the World Open this month – knowing a strong performance could seal a return to the upper reaches of the rankings and an automatic place at the UK Championship.

"The season starts properly this month.I have been drawn against Neil Robertson in the first round in Shanghai and it will be a very tough match but I am hoping it will be just as tough for him.The last time I played Neil in China I won 5-1 and produced a very solid performance. That was quite a strange match as he made a maximum in the only frame that he won. I think it was one of the best maximum breaks I have ever seen.", Ebdon told

Many were surprised to see that Ebdon had defeated Welsh youngster Michael White 5-1 to reach the venue stages in Shanghai.A week before he was due to play in the qualifiers World Snooker released a statement on his behalf stating that personal issues meant that he would not be properly prepared for his match at Sheffield.

Peter and Malkovich, separated at birth? :))

"The whole thing came from a misunderstanding.I sent a private email to World Snooker and then Barry Hearn contacted me saying that he felt it would be in my best interest to make a statement and I was ok with that.I wasn’t trying to lure anybody into a false sense of security. I have been spending more time travelling than ever before recently and I also got re-married in Hungary so it was a bit of a struggle finding the time to fit in my snooker.In the first frame of my qualifier I was awful but I picked up and was able to put in a good performance. I am really pleased to have made it through.", Ebdon revealed.

Despite his busy schedule Ebdon has still participated in the majority of the Players Tour Championship events over the past few months and even though he admits that he has found the tournaments a struggle the 40-year-old is well aware of their importance.

"I have found them really difficult to be honest. They have the feel of a pro-am with ranking points attached",Ebdon confessed.

"I am well aware of where I am at in terms of the rankings though and I can’t afford not to be playing in these events and I am still hopeful that I can do well in one or two – doing that would give me a good chance of making the last 24 next year."



One of my favourite players, a true great.

Indeed, a very, very good player!