Power up Snooker

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The Power is yours!
While power has become such a negative word, Power Snooker comes to reassure us of its enormous benefits in the world of snooker. And it has a strong point, I assure you! ;-) Totally harmless, peaceful, fun, entertaining and homely backed after a really cool and genuine recipe, this new concept of Power Snooker is the revolution that the gentlemen` sport needed and was crying out for.
If you don’t what’s the deal with Power Snooker, you can read my article "PowerSnooker - the beginning of a new era", where you shall find the rules and all the main features of this brand new way of playing snooker.

Still fighting with the bubble rap, but on its way to the big take off, Power Snooker has the line up all set up and ready to be known by the public. So, let’s begin by announcing the first name of this crazy and beautiful idea...of course I have to start with Ronnie O`Sullivan! He is the ambassador of this new snooker deal and the icon of fast snooker. This type of format suits him well and what a better person but him to take full advantage of snooker’s power ? :-)) But the list continues with seven more players:
  • Mark Selby, because we need a "Shark" ready to attack!
  • Jimmy White, because we need to "wind up" the classic and bring the future more closely!
  • Neil Robertson, because we need to hear "The Thunder from Down Under"!
  • Ding Junhui, because this new snooker has to be a "sensational" one!
  • Shaun Murphy, because we all need a drop of "magic" in our lives!
  • Ali Carter, because someone has to be "the Captain" of this ship!
  • Luca Brecel, because youth and talent are key ingredients to Power Snooker recipe!
"Whirlwinding the game away!"
But what about the referees? We can’t play snooker without a referee, right? Of course not! :-) And since snooker has been such a men sport, the two referees to take over the first edition of Power Snooker are the Scottish Michaela Tabb and the Irish Patricia Murphy, two of the most spectacular girls in snooker’s history!
"Power Snooker is an entirely new game with a totally new set of rules and will provide many exciting challenges to both the referees and the players. The game will be played at a faster pace than the traditional game, it's going to be very exciting to watch!", said Michaela Tabb

So, we have the concept, we have the players, we have the referees...what’s next? Well, you can’t have big launch and not be interested in the atmosphere! That’s why the players will wear designer’s clothes, will be introduced in the arena by the sexy Power Snooker girls and will have a microphone attached, communication with the audience being encouraged. Sounds exciting, right? Still, is too quiet...so let’s bring the music on! That’s right, music will be also nicely incorporated in this fancy new event! So I’m really curious how the players will cope with all of these, for they will have to play damn good as well as cheering the crowd. It’s going to be a huge challenge, both professionally and personally.

Snooker`s spinach - PowerSnooker
The big launching "party" will become a reality on October 30 and will be staged at the Indigo O2 Arena in London. It will last only one day, but it will definitely be one day of excitement and great fun. The event will have two sessions: the first will take place between 13:00 - 17:00 (GMT) and will feature all the eight contestants and the second one will take place between 18:00 - 22:00 (GMT) and will feature the two semi-finals the play-off for the third and forth places and of course, the Grand Final. The whole event will be covered LIVE by ITV 4.

So, this is basically it! Things are pretty much arranged, the last details are being put to order so you can enjoy a big share of snooker. There are some voices there which are saying this is pure marketing. I don’t fully agree! Yeah, it has its commercial way, but that doesn’t exclude the fact that snooker fans will see a fun yet serious way of playing snooker. This kind of events brings the sparkle to the sport and it has nothing to do with replacing it. It just gives the people, what they want - SNOOKER! ;-)