Premier League reaches Plymouth

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Next stop - Plymouth
As I was telling you yesterday, I hope you have your dancing shoes prepared, for today in Plymouth, the snooker players will rock around the snooker tables. I mean, if you can rock around the clock, why wouldn’t you be able to rock around a snooker table, or anything you want, for that matter, right? :)) Anyway, the Premier League caravan (as I like to call it) is reaching a very beautiful city today; a city which was a very important trading center back in the Roman times. :)
Two weeks ago, Shaun Murphy was winning 5-1, over Ding Junhui and the match between "The Rocket" O`Sullivan and Marco Fu ended in a draw (3-3), in the city of Southampton. 

Today, new "faces" are on the scoreboard: Mark Selby and Mark Williams. The two "Marks" :P will fight each other in a game that will definitely keep us glued to the telly. 
The speedy format, and ticking clock (25 seconds per shot) and the rule of playing only 6 frames is something that the two guys are familiar with and handle very well.
Williams seemed delighted to be back in the game (aka. Premier League) and was very surprised do to so, since his latest performances weren’t very bright. Well, weren’t bright enough to win him a place in this event. But after "grabbing" the China Open trophy, his name was on the list. :)

Selby to fight Williams
"I wasn't confident of getting back in the Premier League and I thought it was far away and the chance had gone. I was too far down the rankings. For 12 to 18 months it looked like there was no way on earth that I would get up there but somehow I've managed to do so. I dropped down the rankings like a stone and at one stage I was at 47 and couldn't see a way back to the top. But with a lot of hard work and practise I started to climb the rankings the right way. It's a lot easier to fall down the rankings than to climb back up.", said the Welsh from Cwm, Ebbw Vale.

The second match of the day will be the one between Ronnie O`Sullivan and the Chinese Ding Junhui. Ding wasn’t at his best, back in the first round of the Premier League, his visa problems keeping him away from registering into the PTC series and from practicing more, but during the Shanghai Masters tournament, he had a pretty good run. He reached the last 16, before he was crashed 5-1, by Jamie Cope.

From the West to the East with "The Rocket" and Ding Junhui
I hope that Ding is in a better form now and also that "The Rocket" will rock! :P

Either way, this snooker event is something you don’t want to miss if you are a true snooker fan, so be sure to tune in on SkySports HD2&2 at 19:30 this evening. ;)
Here’s a link (that hopefully will work) to see the programme. :)