Reviewing the John Higgins case

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John Higgins is waiting for his sentence
While John Higgins and his business partner, Pat Mooney are expecting the tribunal hearing next week, a very interesting article appeared on ` s web-site, re-examining the main elements and details related with the allegations that the 2009 world champion has accepted to lose frames for a considerable amount of money.
I think we all remember the bomb exploded a little time before the World Championship finale started on 2 May, eclipsing the enthusiasm of the two finalists, Neil Robertson and Graeme Dott, and really shaking the whole snooker world.

The newspaper that made all this happen was the British tabloid, News of the World, which didn’t even get the people a chance to digest this information before hitting again. This time ( 9 May), the breaking news was that Higgins has bet on himself to lose; still the news seemed more unreliable than the last one, for the only witness that could testify was a call-center operator who didn’t really remembered all the details of the conversation that supposedly had with John Higgins.
Due to all these allegations Higgins was suspended, him and his manager Mooney being investigated. Now, the whole world expects breathless, the next week (7-8 September) when hopefully the tribunal will put an end to this awful matter.
A tribunal will end this horrible matter

But back to the article from the web-site. The journalists were leading a personal investigation in this case and during this process, their specialists found some disparities in what was presented in the videos and what the subtitles were saying; moreover it seems like "the closing of the deal" (with the whole hand-shaking thing) was filmed in two separated days, since some decorative objects and the clothes of the people involved are different. And the NotW saying that Higgins “has demanded" money doesn’t have a standing case, since the videos do not reveal such conversation.
What this article is trying to show us, is that there are some really important parts that seem improbable due to the lack of evidence that should have been provided by those videos in the first place, since the whole matter it’s based on them.
Anyway, it seems like the NotW makes its living from this types of actions, not so long ago the Duchess of York being one of their victims and not to forget the recent cricket case, that has some resemblance with John’s.

To read the whole article, please click here.
Meanwhile, we hope that the next week will bring some light to this matter and put an end to it, especially since the snooker world has suffered enough.