Shanghai Masters - Day 5

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The last will be first...
What a crazy, crazy day! But also what a beautiful one! We should have more days like this! :)) The truth is that this year`s Shanghai Masters has had a lot of surprises and I tend to believe that more are to come! ;)

Yesterday started with the match between Jamie Burnett and Mark Davis, Davis taking the lead 4-1, like a well trained little soldier. :p, but Jamie had other plans so he fought back and won frame after frame until a draw (4-4). So here we were, the decisive frame, one ball after another was being potted, the players were on fire, when Davis had to pot the pink … but it seemed like "her ladyship" the pink wasn`t very pleased with Davis` "touch" so “she” refused to enter into the pocket. :P Jamie came to the table and sign his victory 5-4.

The second match: Graeme Dott (the runner-up from this year World Championship) and Jamie Cope. Maybe not an extraordinary match, but still a very surprising final score, for the two were one frame apart until the fifth frame, when Jamie took the lead 3-2. From this moment on, Cope`s victory was not in question anymore. Final score: 5-2 and so Jamie will face Jamie (Burnett) in the first semi-final.

"The Captain" ready to attack
The second session of the game was pure madness! It made its debut with the match of Ali “The Captain” Carter and the Welsh Matthew Stevens. A breathtaking match until the last second. Matthew was so close to gain his place in the next round (4-1), but “The Captain” didn`t give up so easily; so another decisive frame was in order (4-4). The match was soooo tight! You could cut the tension with the knife! :) And like all that wasn`t enough, the match ended up on the back – Matthew bent over, prepared for the shot and….missed it! So Ali came to the table and potted it! Who would have thought?! Matthew had the victory in his hands! But in snooker nothing is sure, until the last ball is in the right pocket.

Mark “The Shark” and Mark “The King” were fighting at the next table for a place in the semis, also. Although the first frame found Selby a little insecure and unprepared, he regained his strength very fast, in the end kneeling down the King with a 5-1 scoreline.

Yesterday`s century breaks were: Mark Davis (102) and Mark Selby (105 si 106).
Saturday is a big day, for at the Grand Stage Shanghai the semis will take off:

At 8:00 (UK time) on EuroSport
Jamie Burnett v. Jamie Cope

At 12:45 (UK time)
Ali Carter v. Mark Selby