Shanghai Masters - Day 6 (the semi-finals)

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Jamie Burnett reached the final
Here we are, the Shanghai Masters semi-finals and one step forward from the big finale! It was an awesome tournament, maybe not the most exceptional one, but it was filled with surprises and twisted situation and that made it more interesting. In my opinion, when you leave work to go home and see a match, that’s when things are really out of the ordinary. And we have had those kinds of situations! ;)

The first semi-final was the one between the two "Jamies" - Jamie Burnett on one hand and Jamie Cope in the other, or it would be more correct for me to say that it was a match played by one Jamie and that Jamie was Jamie Burnett? Well, considering that the Scot (aka. Burnett) was rocking around the snooker table and kept the Englishman (aka. "The Shotgun" Cope") in his seat most of the time, maybe I’m not wrong after all? :P The truth is that "The Shotgun" had no more bullets to fire, it was just not his day. 
Jamie didn`t "Cope" with Burnett
Burnett on the other hand was "on fire" (maybe his name has something to do with that :P) for he has taken the lead 5-0 and was one foot in the finale, when Cope decided to win a frame. Maybe some of us saw it like the beginning of a beautiful and spectacular comeback (for this was the main "ingredient" this tournament") but it wasn’t the case - this was the first and the last frame that Cope won. The next frame was won by Burnett, the final score being 6-1.

Jamie Cope seemed stunned by the score and by his poor performance. The truth is that after winning 5-3 over Steve Davis, 5-1 over Ding Junhui and 5-2 over Graeme Dott, this scoreline is a little unexpected. Jamie didn’t "Cope" with Burnett, that’s for sure! :P

Ali Carter is on fire!
The second semi-final: "The Jester from Leicester" Selby and "The Captain" Carter. The game is on, the players start potting the balls, some of them enter the pockets, some of them not :P, and Mark takes the lead 2-0. The next frame was, however, won by Ali...and the next one also...and the next one also...but who’s counting?! :)) 6 frames in a row won by "The Captain" = total victory (6-2)! It was pure madness! Ali kept Mark in that fancy Roewe car seat the majority of the time; maybe the little guy thought the seats were comfortable. :P

Mark Selby going home...
Mark is a wonderful snooker player, in my opinion but I have to give it to Carter for he did a spectacular job! Yes, his performance was not brilliant this tournament, but this match it was wow! Perfect clearance of the table, beautiful breaks! This was definitely Ali`s day! :)

Some century breaks? Only one...129, signed by Ali Carter!

Tomorrow, the grand finale will start and this is something you don’t want to miss! So tune in on EuroSport at 7:45 (UK time) for the first session and click on this link for the second.
Enjoy snooker, my dears! :)