World Open - Day 2

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To qualify or not to qualify...
The second day of the World Open tournament continues with the qualifying rounds. From 11 matches, 5 have been disputed in the first day and 5 more were disputed yesterday. With one more match to go, the World Open is ready to "take off" officially. :) All first three matches ended on the same score, but the last two weren’t so easy to figure out.

Stephen Hendry beat the Belgian Bjorn Haneveer 3-0, in a very controversial match. In the second frame, Hendry found himself snookered by his opponent and committed two "foul and a miss". The second miss should have been grated a “free ball”, but the referee didn’t think so, so the Scot was free to clear the table and win his second frame.
The Chinese Sensation, Ding Junhui crashed Adrian Gunnell, 3-0. It seems like after the Shanghai Masters and the Premier League, the little Chinese is on fire and really wants to regain his position in the rankings. Not to be blamed and since he is a pretty good player I’m sure he will succeed.
Brazil’s Igor Figueiredo found himself "put in the corner" by the Welsh Mark Williams. :P Mark fired in breaks of 80 and 96 to win the match (3-0), almost effortless. Not a very lucky day for Igor who came a long way, although he just turned professional this year.

Jimmy White fights for the Word Open`s trophy
The evening session made its debut with the match between Jimmy White and Paul Davison. A very interesting match, with many spectacular shots, a match where Paul seemed amused and really slow and Jimmy seemed very tense. Paul opened the score, but "The Whirlwind" won the next frame and ... the next two for that matter. :)) In the third frame, Paul had a very good opportunity of closing the table and winning the frame, by doing so; on the table the blue, the pink and the black waited to be potted. Paul potted the blue, but failed to have a good position to the pink, so Jimmy came to the table and potted it (wasn’t an easy shot, that’s for sure) along with the black. The score was 2-1. The next frame was also won by Jimmy who is now possibly to fight his mate O`Sullivan in the last 32, if "The Rocket" wins his match against Mark King today.

Mark Selby v. Barry Hawkins - the match of the day
The last match of the day was pure drama: Mark Selby and Barry Hawkins were one frame apart all the way! The tension was rising, the safety shots were something very common, the good shots mesmerized the public...what can I say? I wonderful match! But unfortunately when you are on the decisive frame, someone has to win, and yesterday Barry was the one who ended the match 3-2 in his favor. One of the best matches of the World Open, so far! Quality snooker and pure class!

Yesterday century breaks: Mark Selby (109) and Barry Hawkins (127).

Today, we shall see the last match from the qualifying rounds and that’s it! The World Open can start properly! :))

Today’s matches:
Ronnie O`Sullivan v. Mark King
Matthew Stevens v. Alan McManus
Joe Jorgia v. Liu Song
Jamie Cope v. Dave Harold
Mike Dunn v. Marcus Campbell

Where and when we can watch the boys:
11:30 - 12:30 (EuroSport)
12:30 - 17:00 (EuroSport)
12:30 – 16:00 (BBC 2)
19:00 - 22:00 (EuroSport)
23:50 – 00:40 (BBC 2)
00:40 – 02:40 (BBC 2 Extra)