World Open - Day 4

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The Welsh potting machine in action
We are getting closer and closer to the World Open`s last 16 and things are getting spicier. :) The matches are becoming more interesting and the tension is rising. It was nice to see a day where the press focused on all the players rather than on Ronnie’s 147 break, witch was an amazing one, but still there were more matches that day that deserved to be commentated.

The first match of the day was the one between the Welsh Mark Williams and Ali "The Captain" Carter. The first two frames were won by Mark, but the third one was going to become very interesting. The Captain saw his dream of reaching the last 16 taking off (without him on board), so he fought back. Final score 72-72 and the table was crystal clear. So, as you all know in these situations the black ball is re-spotted and the first player who succeeds in potting it, wins the frame. Michaela Tabb, the ref of the match, flipped the coin and Williams got the first shot. He tried to pot it, but the black ball was so stubborn that "she" remained in front of the pocket refusing to go in. An easy shot for Ali, who came to the table and potted it.

Not a very lucky day for the Captain
However, the next frame was won by Mark, the final score being 3-1, in his favor. He was about to clear the table, when he missed to pot the ball into the yellow pocket. A fly was walking on the snooker table at that moment. I think Mark got distracted by it :))). Kidding! It was a hard shot. But Mark still tried to kill the fly with the rest after missing the last ball. :))

Ding Junhui met Jimmy Michie in a match which the little Chinese won doubtless, for he was leading the whole time. In the third frame, Michie won his first and last frame and so he postponed Ding’s victory, but in the end the final score was 3-1 in favor of Ding. Jimmy is a very funny guy and he always tries to do something out of the ordinary while playing. This match wasn’t going to be an exception, for after potting the red and the black he walked towards the ref Eiriam Williams and asked him if there was any prize money for the maximum break. :)) It was a Michie moment all the way!
Stephen Lee played against Nigel Bond in a very slow match. Not the best and not the interesting match I’ve ever seen, but it was one of the matches that had a decisive frame. Although Lee was leading 2-0, Nigel fought back and won two frames in a row. Still in the end Stephen was the on who won the mach 3-2.

The legend Hendry on fire again!?
The evening session started with the match between the legend Stephen Hendry and Mark Davis. A match where Mark was kept in his seat most of the time and Hendry rocked around that snooker table. He rocked so hard that he won 3-0! An amazing performance for the Scot, even if he is who he is. We all know he wasn’t in his best form lately and to be honest I really enjoyed watching him all focused on the game and potting every was nice! I hope he reaches the quarter-finals also and why not, maybe the final. That should be interesting! ;)
Probably there’s a new trend in snooker for the last match of the day to be the longest one. This time Peter Ebdon and the Irish Fergal O’Brien were involved in it. :P Peter wasn’t at his best, although he should be happy for renewing his contract with 100sport. He was leading O’Brien 2-0, but the Irish fought back and won one frame after another. For the 2-2 scoreline, Fergal cleared the table and hit a beautiful 129 break. But the last frame was going to be Peter’s, for he won 3-2. A very struggling victory.

Yesterday’s century breaks were: Ding Junhui (109) and Fergal O’Brien (129).

Today’s matches are:
Neil Robertson v. Davis Morris
Barry Hawkins v. Ken Doherty
James McBain v. Ricky Walden
Judd Trump v. Stephen Maguire
Martin Gould v. Matthew Couch

And you can see them following this schedule:
12:30 - 17:00 (EuroSport)
13:30 – 16:25 (BBC2)
19:00 – 20:00 (BBC2)
19:00 - 22:00 (EuroSport)
23:50 – 00:40 (BBC2)
00:40 – 02:40 (BBC2 Extra)