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World Open 2010 - Wall of Fame
It is said that all good things must come to an end, and that’s perfectly true for the World Open. We had nine days of excitement, of snooker on bread, of great names, of tension and surprises, of laughter and drama...we had it all in a new shot format with one single table in the middle of the arena and high quality snooker all the way!
The city of Glasgow received snooker with its arms open wide and it did a great job in making "his highness the Snooker" staying, comfortable! :-))
Yesterday the two semi-finals but also the big final kicked off, so the inaugural edition of the World Open 2010, picked its winner.

The first semi-final and the first battle, was given between The Rocket and Ebbo. The one who broke the ice, was Ronnie, who won the first two frames, in the second one hitting a wonderful 135 break! Ebbo win the third frame with a break of 69 and ... here we were...the next frame was going to be the last one or, the frame Ebbo will turn into a decider. It turned to be quite a tricky frame, for O`Sullivan potted a pink along with a red, committing a foul, so Ebbo came to the table. But Ebbo also committed a foul ...and a miss (four time in a row) so Ronnie took the lead and won the match, 3-1. Yes, Ronnie reached the final!
Ebbo in the semis
Robbo and Williams
Neil Robertson was to fight the Welsh Mark Williams also for a place in the big final. And this match was a true battle of confidence and strength. Robbo came back from 0-2, to push the match into a decider. Just one day before, Mark was in the same position, being lead 2-0, by the Chinese Sensation Ding Junhui; he made a spectacular comeback and finally won the match 3-2. And it seems like he set up a pretty good and inspiring example, for the Australian Robertson did exactly the same thing. He hit a wonderful 101 break to make it 2-2 and won the next frame for a place in the final, along with Ronnie O `Sullivan.

So, at 20:00 UK time, the big final was starting! "The Rocket" followed by "The Thunder Down Under" entered the stage (each of them on their own favorite song). The ref for last night was the Welsh Eiriam Williams, a true example of etiquette, elegancy and professionalism in the snooker world. Let’s play snooker!
Robbo was the one who opened the score, winning the first frame; it was quite a tight one, Ronnie was playing good, but he committed a foul and that gave Neil plenty of time to win the first game. The second frame started with great series of safety shots, but in the end Robbo overcame them and made a very beautiful 107 break to establish the score 2-0.

O`Sullivan - the Snooker`s Rocket
Next in line was Ronnie, who fought back, in what was an insane frame of safety shots battle; still “The Rocket” succeeded in winning his first frame. At 2-1, things started to look good for Ronnie and he was in great position for a full comeback, but Neil’s style and his tenacity won him the next frame for a 3-1 scoreline.

Robertson was playing so good, that O`Sullivan was sitting in his chair with nothing to do. He wasn’t given the opportunity to come to the table very often. So the score started to improve for Robbo at 4-1 and finally at 5-1! What an amazing victory for the Australian and current world champion!

It was a victory appreciated and applauded by Ronnie himself, who played well last night, but who didn’t get the chance to prove that very often. Robbo cashed his sixth won final to set up quite a record!
He truly played extraordinary well and he deserved to win. On the other hand, some people were telling me that Ronnie played bad. Not true! He played well, not great, but he definitely didn’t play bad! It’s true he made some mistakes, but he is still the Rocket and during this tournament he showed us he can still play damn good and he’s eager to win!

The 2010 World Open Champion, Neil Robertson
To be honest, I feel sad that the World Open is over. Yes, nine days is a long time and it was hard to keep up with all the news and the snooker aspects, but it’s also been great fun. I really enjoyed this tournament and it’s been a pleasure to comment it on my blog or to give you updates on Twitter or FaceBook. Thank you for all your kind words, I’m happy you’ve found my work helpful and I promise to keep you in touch with the snooker world every day. ;-)
Until the UK Championship in December, we shall have to get used not seeing too much snooker on television, only the Premier League on SkySports and the Power Snooker (at the end of October) are the events to be covered by the local television stations. But there’s more snooker going on in the world! We still have the whole series of PTC/ EPTC events and, as always, I’ll be posting the insides of these great tournaments on my blog. We won’t be able to see it on TV, but we can talk snooker as long as we want, right? :-)))

Congratulations to this amazing player from the far, far away Australia- Neil Robertson! He did a spectacular job last night! And the next song is for him (actually is his walk-on song ;-) )


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Your passion and enthusiasm for covering and talking about this wonderful sport is evident, well done!!

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Thank you sooo much, Phil! :-)