EPTC 2 - Day 2

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Jimmy`s victory - NOT gone with the wind
What an amazing day here in Bruges! Filled with surprises and an unexpected power cut, which made the LIVE scoring system die, the second day of the EPTC 2 event was a very exciting one! :-)

If someone would ask me to pick just one word that would define yesterday, that world will definitely be "Whirlwind"! :-P Yep, Jimmy White made history in the second day of this mini-tournament, by crashing Chris Henry 4-0 and then defeating the 2010 world champion and current number one champion, Neil Robertson. I must admit I wasn’t thrilled about the fact that Jimmy had to play against Neil, but boooy, did he make an impression! "The Wind" opened the score only to see Neil win the next frame. So, Jimmy took the lead at 2-1, but Neil fought back with a 2-2 draw. What was to be done? Jimmy thought carefully and decided he wanted a "solo career" and won the next two frames, ending the match 4-2 in his favor! What a great performance for Jimmy! That’s why he’s a legend! And I think I’m not wrong in saying that he was probably as happy as Steve Davis was when he defeated John Higgins in the last 16, at the World Championship, this year. After the match, Jimmy wrote on his personal Twitter account:” To say I'm happy n played well would be an understatement!!" :-)) 

The Whirlwind wrote history
The next match, Shaun made "twisted history" as he won 4-2 over Jimmy, but regardless of this, Jimmy succeeded in amazing a whole world, proving that being a winner in snooker has nothing to do with age, but is about the attitude you have towards success -and his is PRO! ;-)

Peter Ebdon had a very prolific day in Belgim, as he defeated Michael Holt (4-3), Jack Lisowski 4-1 and ended China’s Chen Zhe road to last 16, by a 4-2 scoreline. So Ebbo will face Martin Gould in the next round in what will be a very interesting match, the two playing against each other the last week, at the World Open tournament, in the quarter finals.
Ebbo, focusing on success
"The Welsh Potting Machine", Mark Williams started his day with a win over Joe Delaney 4-2, continued with a 4-1 over Nigel Bong and ended the evening session with a 4-1 victory over Liu Chuang. In the next round, the Welsh is to fight his "all time mate", Ding Junhui. I think these two have to start a snooker couple, for they’ve been bumping into each other too often lately :-P In the last two weeks, they’ve played twice, the first time, Mark defeated Ding and the second time the battle ended on a draw. What will happened next? Hm...we’ll just have to wait and see! ;-)

Daniel Wells has put quite a performance at the EPTC 2 event, although he is little known to the public’s eyes. The 22 year-old lad defeated Michael Judge 4-3, Daniel Morris 4-2 and whitewashed Jamie Cope with an amazing 4-0!
Mark Selby cleared his way to the last 16 round, by winning 4-1 over Jamie O’Neill, Liu Song and his namesake Mark King. He hit some spectacular century breaks into the last match, only to prove that he’s back in business and he is eager to win some snooker titles. :-)

King`s road into the EPTC 2 ends here
Adrian Gunnell`s day started quite good, for he beat James McBain 4-0, Hong Kong’s star Marco Fu 4-3, but lost 4-3 to his fellow-country Matthew Couch 4-3, in the evening session.
In the same position, Mark King crashed Yannick Poullain 4-0 and fight with Joe Perry for a 4-2 score, only to be kneeled 4-1, by Mark Selby; the seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry saw his dreams flying out the window, as he won 4-1 over Paul Davison and 4-3 over Peter Lines, but lost 4-1 to China’s sensation, Ding Junhui.

The plate competition continued yesterday, as well, among the winners being : Michael Holt, who won 3-1 over Luc Heirewegh and Ian Glover, Barry Pinches who defeated Chris Hendry 3-1 and David Grace 3-2 and Allan Taylor who passed through the two "Patricks"- Wallace 3-1 and - Eisle (who concealed the match after being lead 2-0, by Allan).

Yesterday century breaks : Jack Lisowski (100), Jimmy White (100), Mark Joyce (100,102,109), Mark King (101,101), Marco Fu (102,106), Liu Chuang (103), Nigel Bond (103), Mark Williams (104,114), Ding Junhui (104,137), Michael Holt (108), Mark Selby (108,124,126), Rory McLeod (112), Andy Hicks (112), Peter Ebdon (118,122), Daniel Wells (118,133), Shaun Murphy (137).

Here, you can check the latest results.

Today “on sale” are: the last 16, the quarter-finals, the semis and of course, the big final. :-)) It’s going to be a very long and hard day for the snooker players so let’s wish the boys good luck and we shall see/read each other tomorrow, to find out who won what! :-))

"The last 16" matches:
Shaun Murphy v Jimmy Robertson
Bjorn Haneveer v Alfie Burden
Martin Gould v Peter Ebdon
Ding Junhui v Mark Williams
Liang Wenbo v Tom Ford
Stuart Bingham v Fergal O`Brien
Matthew Couch v Daniel Wells
Ricky Walden v Mark Selby