EPTC 4 - Day 1

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The South west Snooker Academy
Although the EPTC 4 event was supposed to take place in Germany, due to the fact that Power Snooker is on this weekend and that many players are registered for the EPTC but also for the Power Snooker competition the organisers thought it was for the best to stay home this time. Meaning in the UK. So, what better place to stage this EPTC event than the brand new and re-opened South West Snooker Academy from Gloucester? I remember Chris de Burgh song: " I’ve got the roses, I’ve got the wine..." and SWSA has the perfect venue, has the perfect conditions, so it’s just ...perfect! :-)) Now, seriously the SWSA`s team worked real hard and they deserve to host such an important event.

On October 28 the qualifying round started, with only six players on the run...and in the end one of them withdraw from the competition:-P So, the matches played were: Luca Brecel - Stuart Carrington, ended 4-0 for Stuart, Martin O’Donnell-David Singh, ended 4-1 for Martin and Andrew Milliard - Jamie Rhys Clarke, ended in favor of Andrew since Jamie being the one who withdraw from the event.

Lisowski into the Last 16
But on October 29, that’s when the action really started, for the snooker players where fighting for a place in the Last 16 round, and we all know how important that is. Three matches per day to be won so they can qualify into the next round. And that was about to come true for eight of them.
The EPTC 2 champion, the Englishman Shaun Murphy booked himself a nice place in the next round, by crashing Gary Thomson 4-0, beating Igor Figueiredo 4-1 and the EPTC 1 winner, Judd Trump 4-0 as the PTC 2 champion, Mark Selby followed him by, as he defeated Kyren Wilson 4-2, the Thai Noppon Saengkham 4-1 and Matthew Selt 4-2.

A very nice surprise to see the youngster Jack Lisowski into the Last 16, for he beat Simon Bedford and David Gilbert 4-1 and Mark Joyce 4-2, but also for Andrew Norman who won 4-3 over the PTC 5 winner, Ding Junhui and Mark Allen and 4-2 over David Grace.
Stephen Lee had a very prolific day, as he defeated James Brown by a 4-2 scoreline, the legend Jimmy White with a tight 4-3 score and the Chinese Liu Song with a 4-2 result, Joe Jorgia secured himself a place to play snooker on Sunday, as he beat Marc Harman 4-1, Xiao Guodong 4-3 and whitewashed Andy Hicks 4-0, Mark Davis sign his victory against Patrick Eisle 4-0, Ricky Walden 4-1 and Jamie Jones 4-2 and as for Peter Ebdon he did what he does mainly in every competition, meaning he reaches the next stage by winning 4-0 over Joe Delaney, 4-3 over Jimmy Robertson and hammering Stuart Carrington by a 4-0 score.

Not a very lucky day for the snooker legends, as Jimmy White won his first match against Duoane Jones 4-1, but lost in front of Stephen Lee 4-3 and Steve Davis although he succeeded in obtaining a wonderful 4-0 victory in the match played against Alfie Burden, lost in the second one to Matthew Selt 4-3.

Mark Davis had a very good day
Ali Carter defeated the one and only Ladies` champion, Reanne Evans by a crushing 4-0 score by saw himself losing 4-1 to Jamie Jones, Neil Robertson beat David Morris 4-1, but lost 4-2 to the Chinese Liu Song (this was the Australian fault too, for he was late and he was docked a frame) and the EPTC 3 winner, Marcus Campbell was eliminated from his first match, after losing 4-3 to the Thai Thanawat Thirapaipongboon.
Here you can check all the results.

It’s been a very surprising day, as many great names lost "very easily" their battles....and I think it has something to do with the fact that Power Snooker is about to start and they are too anxious to get to the revolution :-)) This will probably motivate Ronnie O`Sullivan`s absence, as he made a statement last week to come and play in this EPTC event, but ....he didn’t. That wasn’t a very pretty picture, I tell you that!

So, today it’s going to be pure madness, for we have the EPTC 4 event but we also have Power Snooker. That by the way it’s being covered by ITV 4, from 1:00 pm (UK time) but also by EuroSport. So be sure to check your TV guide for the Snooker Revolution is about to start!!! :-))