EPTC 4 - Day 2

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Second day of the EPTC 4 event
With Power Snooker capturing all our attention some of us maybe have forgotten that some beautiful and entreating classic snooker was being played in the second day of the EPTC 4 event in the bran new South West Snooker Academy from Gloucester, UK.
Another group of eight players were on their run to the Last 16 round, although, as we speak the competition has reached the semis. Don’t worry, I shall tell you about that and about who’s the winner, a bit later, ok? :-))

The one who surprised us during the last EPTC event from Germany, the Irish Ken Doherty was also in a very good form yesterday, as he defeated 4-1 Belgium’s Bjorn Haneveer, ended on a very tight 4-3 scoreline the match against Daniel Wells and beat Matthew Stevens 4-2. Following his footsteps :-P the 2010 World Championship runner-up Graeme Dott, beat Jamie O’Neil 4-1, the 2010 Shanghai Masters runner-up, Jamie Burnett 4-2 and ended his day with a whitewashed on PTC 3`s winner, Tom Ford 4-0.

Stephen Maguire secured his place into the Last 16
Stephen Maguire booked himself a place into the Last 16 round, after winning 4-2 over Tony Knowles, 4-3 over Hong Kong cue-man, Marco Fu and 4-2 over Joe Perry, Anthony Hamilton beat Kishan Hirani 4-1 and Allan Taylor and Stuart Bingham by a 4-2 scoreline, as for Ben Woollaston he had a very good day also, for he won the match played against "The Mighty Mouse" Anda Zhang 4-1, defeated Leo Fernandez 4-3 and EPTC 2`s runner-up, Matthew Couch by 4-2.
It seems that it’s an unwritten rule that at least one Chinese player has to reach the Last 16, this time, Liu Chuang being the one :-)))), as he crashed Joe Swail 4-0 and beat Andrew Higginson and Ryan Day 4-2.

Graeme Dott playing great snooker
The last two to secure a place into the next round were Gerard Greene, after winning the battles against Rory McLeod 4-3 and Michael Wasley 4-1 (only two matches were mentioned because the one against Stefan Gerst doesn’t have a score, until this hour!) but also Liam Highfield who hammered Christopher Henry 4-0, defeated the Irish Fergal O’Brien 4-2 and ended on a tight 4-3 the match against Anthony McGill.

Still not list for the century breaks, so we’ll have to wait until the end of the tournament, but you can check the results here.
See you later for some stories about the last day of the EPTC 4 event. ;-)