Happy three months of blogging!!!

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I don’t know how to start this, for I know I’ll have to say something really smart and deep. Hm...this will be a challenge! :-)) Anyway, this is it guys! My blog, "Snooker, my love" is three months old and it’s been such an interesting and amazing journey so far. It’s been quite an adventure and I know that there is more to come, which by the way, makes me happy. :-)
I’ve learn a lot these past three months, a tones of new things about snooker and about writing about snooker and I hope that at the end of the day you all enjoyed reading my crazy articles. I know I can’t please everyone, but I hope that at least a quarter of you are happy with what you read here.

There are these people, who say that a passion makes it easy. Doesn’t matter the domain, it’s easier, when you are passionate about it. Well, I agree, but I must also add that a passion is like a little kid. It must be fed, raised, dressed properly, even spoiled from time to time :-)) You have to maintain it, otherwise it will vanish.

What I’m really trying to say is that, yes passion makes it easy, but work must also be part of the equation. So that’s way today I don’t celebrate three months of passion, but three months of working real hard for my passion. Not that I’m complaining, don’t get me wrong. I celebrate my passion every day, when I write an article about snooker, so I think now is the time to say " Yipeeee!" for working for it.

Some of you asked me why my blog is called "Snooker, my love". Well, to be honest this wasn’t my first thought. My first choice was “Sniffing snooker", but I didn’t like it when I saw the link. It didn’t express anything. So I closed my eyes and asked myself: “Why do you want to do this?" and the answer came very quickly: "Because I like writing and I love this sport". So I imagined myself sitting at a wood desk with a candle, a ink pot and an old pen writing a letter to..."Snooker, my love". Yeah, I know it sounds like a soap opera line, but it’s the truth and it was the moment which created all of this.

Drawing the line after this first trimester, I think I did a pretty good job, although the crazy dwarf sitting on my brain is saying that I could have done it better. He has a point, you know! :-))) But I promise to work harder and write better and more accurate snooker articles.

With 100 followers on Twitter and 800 friends on FaceBook, this blog has grown very well these past few months and you all have a big saying in this. I couldn’t done it without you and there is no doubt about that. Your comments, your "likes" your "retweets" your constructive critiques, all of them put a stone at this blog`s foundation and I’m really grateful for this.
This is the moment when I say “THANK YOU", for everything. I know that I’ve made mistakes in the past, I know that I have to learn more, but it’s much easier to do it with you by my side.

There were some people who thought it is best to throw rocks at me for not reason, but those people don’t count. You, the ones, who stood and are still standing by my side are the ones who make a reality out of this blog.

I thank you with all my heart for all your kind words and support, for all your love and advice and you have my promise that I’ll keep on improving my writing so I can bring a little smile on your faces every time you read an article of mine. :-)

Happy chewing snooker, my little snooker "termites"! :-))


That was emotional! :)
Happy 3 months anniversary! and good luck for the future! ^^

Hey, thank you!!! I really appreciate it! :-)