Oldies but Goldies - The World Seniors Championship

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As I always say, one must love a legend and if he is a snooker legend than you have even more reasons :-)) Legends are the greatest, they know the real deal, they’ve been in the business from the beginning, they’ve seen the insights of all the smashing events, they’ve played with all the great names, with those who were children and now they are top quality players! They’ve done it all, and they’ve done it with passion! And they still do...for some of them are still kicking ass in the professional circuit. So, the idea of having all the great stars at one place, at the same time seems like a real thrill. And as you all know, this is possible when an exhibition takes place or when...the World Seniors Championship starts.;-)

November holds the date for the World Seniors Championship, for during 5-7 of the month the Cedar Court Hotel in Bradford will be in for a treat. Eight great names from the snooker world, those who made history and live to tell it will pass its doorstep. A great feast for every snooker "termite" out there! :-))
So, who are those eight great names? The line up looks something like this: Steve Davis, Jimmy White, Joe Johnson, Cliff Thorburn, Dennis Taylor, John Parrott, Ken Doherty, Peter Ebdon, and Nigel Bond. And because we need a ceremony master, well we actually need more than one, John Virgo and good old Willie Thorne will be there too.
A lot of fun but also a lot of competitive snooker will be the main ingredients for those days.

Dennis Taylor seems very excited by this event, as he told worldsnooker.com: "We're all really looking forward to it, the circuit has been crying out for an event like this for years. It's going to be very competitive because a lot of the players involved are still on the professional tour. Maybe it should be over 50s instead of over 40s to give me a chance!"

You better come and see me play, or else...

Well, that’s Dennis for you, one of the funniest guys in the snooker business but also a really good player. For those of you who are too young to remember, Dennis Taylor won the 1985 World Championship after the match ended on that crazy black. Back then Steve Davis was his opponent. If you watch the last frame on youtube (from the 1985 final) and after that the re-match they done this last May, you are definitely going to have a wonderful time. Those two know how to make a special appearance and to stand up from the crowd. :-)

The 1997 world champion, Ken Doherty said: "I'm sad to say that I'm one of the golden oldies now! But it's going to be a superb event and it's great to see some innovation and variety on the snooker calendar this season. There’s a world title and a lot of prize money at stake so the players are not just there to have a good time. The competitive animal in all of us will take over and we will all want to win. Having said that, it will be a relaxed atmosphere and we're going to have some fun with the crowd. There's a real mix of personalities with some of us still on the main tour and a few of the legends from the 1980s."

So, you’ve seen the list, you’ve seen that some of the guys are very into this event (and I’m sure the rest are too), so what are you waiting for? Go on, don’t be shy...buy a ticket and have some fun. It’s going to be a blast, something that you really need to see, it’s a must for every snooker "termite", you know? :-)) And since I am one of those "termites" who lives far, far away, I shall have to rely on you to tell me how it was, ok? Also, it seems like Sky will broadcast the entire show on Christmas, so Santa is being very generous this year, don’t you think? :-))
You can buy the tickets from: www.worldsnooker.com/tickets
So don’t forget! The snooker legends are waiting for you and so does Bradford! :-)