The Premier League caravan reaches Banbury

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We are stopping in Banbury!
The weekend is almost here, so I have no fear! Ok, so maybe it’s not quite here, but it’s Thursday, so it’s LIVE snooker! What more do you want? :-))) The sixth event of the Premier League will take place in the historical town of Banbury, Oxfordshire, a town very well known for its nursery rhyme "Ride a Cock Horse". You know the story better than me, so I’m not going to bother you with it. Although the town had a struggling history, today it’s a very peaceful place, anxious to receive tourists who want to know more about its secrets.
However, today’s guests are not interested in the town’s history but in earning more points from their snooker "fights" :-)) As the sun prepares to go to sleep and we all finish work to return to our cozy homes, three continents will clash: Asia, Australia and Europe. So, here we are! In the Asian corner, we have the Chinese Ding Junhui and Marcoooooo Fu! Let’s hear it for the little guys with small eyes, but genius snooker moves!
In the Australian corner, we have the one and only, Neil Robertsooooooon, so let’s hear it for the champion of the world!!!! And in the European corner, the proud to be Welsh, Maaaark Williaaaams!!!!! Wohooooo!!!! :-))))

The first two to prove their snooker skills will be Neil Robertson and Ding Junhui. And you should know that while Ding has 4 amazing points, Neil has only one lonely point, so you can imagine that he is in a desperate need of a victory.

Will the "thunder" hit "China" tonight?
"The Chinese Sensation", Ding Junhui has had a very interesting run in this 2010 Premier League, for he started with a dreadful defeat, 5-1 to Shaun Murphy, continued with two draws with Ronnie O`Sullivan and Mark Williams and won his first snooker fight with a wonderful 4-2 score, against Mark Selby. Quite a run and it is not over! The little guy has great ambitions and lately he has had some really nice results and won a PTC event to make it clear that he means serious business. If he wins tonight it will be no surprise.
On the other hand, "The Thunder from Down Under" hasn’t been in a "stormy" mood lately, as he lost his first match against Mark Selby 4-2 and had only succeeded a draw for 3-3 last week against Mark Williams. It’s true he didn’t play much, he only had two matches disputed, but still he needs to concentrate better on this one if he wants to book himself a nice place in the final rounds.

The Hong Kong cue man to cope with the Welsh dragon
The evening will end with the clash between Marco Fu and Mark Williams. Two masters of this sport.
"Cue Man Fu" has 3 precious points for now, one from the draw he hit with Ronnie O`Sullivan in the first week of this tournament, two points from kicking Shaun Murphy’s ass with a 4-2 scoreline and .... well that’s it, since the last match he played in was against Mark Selby, who hammered him by a 5-1 result. The Hong Kong cue man doesn’t have a bad position on the current Premier League ranking system, but he must do more in order to maintain his semi-domination in the chart.
The run of "The Welsh Potting Machine" is not something new. He started with a wonderful victory over Mark Selby (4-2), after a five years absence in this competition, but continued with two draws, the first ended with Ding Junhui and the second with Neil Robertson. Drawing the line, he has 4 points also, this meaning he has a pretty good top position.
So, what’s going to happen tonight? Will Marco revenge his last week defeat, or will the Welshman fire for a new victory?

To find out the answers to these questions tune in, tonight at 7:30 pm (UK time) on SkySports 2 and take your share of live snooker!
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Have fun my little snooker "termites" and I shall see you tomorrow for the comments. :-)


Coool! I like the way you describe the events! and I usually get bored quickly reading articles.
Good game! :)

Thank you so much, Fatima! It means a lot. English is not my first language so I realize that I don`t write perfectly and sometinmes I find it difficult to put in words what I have in my mind, but it`s all worth it when I receive such a nice feedback. :-)