The Premier League caravan reaches Inverness

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Scotland is in for a snooker treat
If it’s Thursday then it’s definitely a perfect day for snooker, but not for any kind of snooker - I’m talking about the high class one, the Premier League. :-)) After travelling high and low through the beautiful England, now it’s time for the caravan of snooker to reach the wonderful Scotland; to be more precise the town of Inverness. A town where seeing castles is a common thing, where everything seems to stay green for ever, where the architecture is just taking your breath away and where snooker will hit tonight! :-P
Mark Selby, Marco Fu, Neil Robertson and Mark Williams will play their best to impress the crowd of fans and snooker lovers and to win some more points in order to keep going and maybe lift the Premier League 2010 trophy.

The snooker evening will start with the match between "The Jester from Leicester" and "The Hong Kong cue man". For the first one, meaning Mark Selby, this must end on a victory, for the guy has only two lonely points in his account and he needs some more so he can secure himself a nice place the final stages of this competition. A week ago he was defeated 4-2 by the little but mighty Chinese Ding Junhui in a match where Selby didn’t even get close to the table. He was sitting in his chair admiring the arena. But what can one do when his opponent is beginning and ending the frames by himself? But this time the "Shark" that lies inside Mark must take the lead and maintain his position as only he knows how. We’ve seen him play like a real animal against world champion and world number 1 a few weeks ago, so he can do it again!

Mark Selby is to fight Marco Fu

Marco Fu has had a pretty good performance at the Premier League, having played two matches, the first ending on a draw and wining the second. He played against Ronnie O`Sullivan in the first round of the Premier League and succeeded in ending on a 3-3 draw, receiving only one point. But two weeks ago he kicked Shaun Murphy’s ass (although "The Magician" was leading) 4-2 and won his first match. Even if he is not among the favorites, Fu is one powerful snooker player and he proved to play great against legendary names through time, so he’s not an opponent that you should underestimate.

The evening will continue with the clash between "The Thunder from Down Under" and "The Welsh Potting Machine". These two met in the World Open know when Mark was leading 2-0 and all of the sudden Neil made a remarkable comeback to win the match 3-2. So this is going to be interesting. I don’t know why but Williams seems to have too many encounters with his "nightmare opponents", first was Ding, now is Neil...Oh, come on! I’m just kidding. It’s nice to see them play, for they do it with grace and passion!
Neil started the competition on the wrong foot and he has no points in his bag until now, being beaten 4-2 by Mark Selby in his first and only match of the Premier League. So, he needs a victory in hope of reaching the finals stages. He is a very ambitious player and I know he wants to win all the snooker tournaments and competitions out there, so he might just come after this one too ;-)

Robertson and Williams clash
Mark Williams, on the other hand, started the Premier League run covered in glory. After a five years absence he returned to win his first match 4-2, against Mark Selby. And what a match that was! I remember Willie Thorne was commentating it and he said that Williams was playing as good as he did when he win the world title, do that’s to mean something! ;-) He was to fight Ding Junhui in his second match which ended on a draw, so until now, the Welsh has 3 points in his pocket. Still not enough to get him through the final stages, but since he is in such a good form I think he will have more points to add to his collection. He is a terrific player and this "tic-tac" 25 seconds per shot rule suits him well.

All these being said, I invite you to tune in tonight at 7:30 pm (UK time) on SkySports 4 for your share of snooker! ;-)
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