Premier League: "The Jester" was kung-Fu-ing

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The Jester fought kung-Fu style
It was a great night for snooker and I think that the people of Scotland have enjoyed seeing their favorite players putting on quite a show, for as you all know the town of Inverness was the host for the fifth round of the Premier League. For the rest of us, the telly/PC was the star of the day! :-P

The first match was the one between "The Jester from Leicester" and "The Cue Man Fu" and I must admit that it was the match of the day. Very tense, very dramatic but also very entertaining.
Selby was the one who opened the score by hitting a 90 points break, but Marco won the next frame for a 1-1 scoreline. The frame started with a break of 68 made by Fu, Mark coming to the table in need of three snookers. 
He did snookered his opponent and he did it very good, but in the end Marco managed to pot the balls and win 101-24.
The third frame could be compared with a "sandwich" for we had safety shots, break, safety shots and another break. :-)) What’s that supposed to mean? Well, it means that the frame was opened with some safety shots, then Mark made a delicious 64 break, the frame continued with another series of safety shots and finally ended with Selby’s second break of 30, which by the way put him in the lead of the match. ;-)

The next frame found Selby struggling for the victory, for Marco started with a break of 22 (ended by missing the back), break that received in response a break of 53 from Mark. There was a lot of safety shots involved (as usual) but in the end, "Mark the Shark" won for a 3-1 scoreline.
This was getting interesting, for Fu needed to get back on the game and made a comeback; a draw was the next best thing for him. But that didn’t happen.You remember that last week, Selby was kept in his chair by Ding Junhui`s wonderful performance? Well, this time the role were inversed and Mark was on fire, winning the next two frames by hitting an amazing 131 break for 4-1 and a 90 break for the final crash of a 5-1 scoreline. It was one of the most outstanding performances from the Premier League. Until now, only Shaun Murphy succeeded to end a match by this score. Such an amazing and gifted player this “Jester”! :-P

Mark Williams has a good chance to reach the semis
Before the match, Marco said that he finds it hard to play against Mark and he has struggled through the years to beat him, but tonight hopefully he will play better. I thought his worlds were very genuine and very modest. On the other hand, after the match Mark said that he was a little worried when he saw that after he won the first frame, Marco won the next for he thought that that’s how the whole match will continue. Well, it was written in the starts for that to happen :-)) Anyway, Selby gets two points for his victory, and he is now on top of the rankings for the Premier League!

Next in line was the match between Neil Robertson and Mark Williams. It was overshadowed by the first one, there’s no doubt about that, but that doesn’t mean that high quality snooker was not part of the equation here ;-)
The first frame was a constant battle of safety shots, although Neil broke the ice with a 38 break. Still he lost the position and so Mark came to the table to pot the most incredible red; along with "her" sisters, a red was standing in the carambole on a very tricky position. Mark made an air bridge and succeeded to pot the red into the left middle pocket. It was, in my opinion the shot of the night! But soon after that, he said he committed a foul although the referee Paul Collier didn’t see anything and neither did we. But the honest Welsh felt something when he hit the ball and decided that it’s best to announce a foul. Very nice of him! ;-) Anyway, after some more safety shots and some more pots, the score looked something like this: 53-59 for Williams.

Robbo has earned his first point
Neil fought back in the second frame with a break of 27, which found as a replay a 35 one from Mark. Still some more pots and another break (this time a 18 one), closed the frame for 1-1 scoreline.
And that’s the way it was all night long, for the third frame was won by the Welsh with a 70 break, the forth by the Australian, the fifth by Mark with a terrific 105 break and the last one by Neil with a 73-1 score.
So, at 3-3 each player gets one point. For Robbo this is his first one, but for "The Welsh Potting Machine" is just another one to add to his collection.
Drawing the line, Ding Junhui, Mark Selby and Mark Williams are the ones with 4 points, this meaning that they are on top (until this moment) and that if they keep up the good work they can hope for a place in the semis. ;-)

Next week the caravan will return to England, in the city of Banbury for the sixth round of the Premier League! See you there! ;-)


Cool description! Eventhough I don't know much about snooker it felt as if I actually watched it! :p

Hey, Fatima!
Thank you sooo much! :-)
Glad you`ve enjoyed it.