PTC 6 - Day 1

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First day of the PTC 6 event
The last Players Tour Championship is here. This is it! There have been six PTC events, filled with tension, drama, but also great snooker. But don’t you worry, there’s more snooker from where this came from...meaning World Snooker, which made this season full of new and exciting snooker events.
Unfortunately Ronnie O`Sullivan withdrew from this event too and this means that he won`t be getting too much of a chance to qualify for the PTC final due to take place next year, in March as he took part in only two of six PTC events; Steve Davis as well and Ding Junhui also, for he only took part in one competition (that he actually won, the PTC 5) due to some visa problems (you know the story).
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start with the first day of the last PTC event, shall we? :-P

As usual a whole day was dedicated for the qualifying round (October 14). The biggest surprise of the day was the fact that the prodigy Luca Brecel didn’t succeed in booking himself a cozy place into the actual competition, being defeated 4-2 by the mighty Chinese Chen Zhe. I think this was a "once in a life time" situation for Luca, if we were to consider this year PTC events.
Among those to reached the mini-tournaments were: Sam Baird, who ended the match against Robbie Williams on a tight 4-3 score, Michell Mann, who beat Hans Blankaert 4-1, Leo Fernandez, who qualified due to his opponent withdrawal (Mohammed Joker), Chris Norbury, who also qualified due to the withdrawal of the second Mohammed of the competition :-P (this time was Mohamed Shehab) and India’s Aditya Mehta who win 4-3 over the Chinese Tian Pengfei.

Gouldie has "cleaned" his way for the next round
To see the complete list of winner for the qualifying round, click here.

Yesterday the completion properly started and the snooker lovers were in for some surprises and a lot of twisted situations. ;-)

Martin Gould was the one who opened the road towards victory, whitewashing Michell Mann 4-0, winning 4-1 over James McGouran and 4-2 over Ricky Walden.
Very determined to book himself a place into the next round was also the Scottish Marcus Campbell who defeated all his opponents. He beat Patrick Wallance 4-2, Stephen Lee 4-1 and Peter Lines 4-0.
The 2006 world champion Graeme Dott was definitely on fire as he kicked Mark King and Joe Perry out of the competition by a tight 4-3 scoreline and hammered the EPTC 1 event winner, Judd Trump by a 4-1 score.

A very prolific day for Daniel Wells who crashed Matthew Day 4-0, defeated PTC 3 winner, Barry Pinches 4-3 and Jimmy Michie 4-1 but also for Stuart Bingham who succeeded in showing the door to the mighty Ding Junhui (the recent winner of the PTC 5 event), by defeating him 4-2 just after he won 4-3 over Jamie O’Neil and crashed Joe Jorgia 4-0.
Also, Anthony McGill started his day in glory after winning the matches against Allan Taylor and Chen Zhe 4-1 and ending the day with a 4-2 scoreline in front of Ian Burns.
China`s Dragon out from the first round

Some very nice surprises from Ian McCulloch, who now has a place in the "VIP" round after defeating Ben Harrison and Lasse Munstermann 4-0 and Liu Chunag 4-3, but also from Andy Hicks who succeeded in beating Charlie Waters 4-2, the star Mark Davis 4-3 and the youngster Jack Lisowski 4-1.

It wasn’t such a good day for many players, especially for those who saw themselves sent home from the first match. This was the case of: Matthew Couch, the runner-up from the EPTC 2 event, who was whitewashed 4-0 by Jimmy Michie, the Belgian Bjorn Haneveer, who lost 4-3 to James McGouran, Jamie Burnett, the runner-up from the Shanghai Masters, who was defeated 4-2 by China’s Liu Chuang and also the Brazilian Igor Figueiredo who saw his dreams crashed in a 4-2 match against Leo Fernandez.
Here you can check all the results.

A very beautiful day for century breaks, made by the following: Andy Hicks (102,103,137), Adam Wicheard (102,103), Ding Junui (102,135), Jimmy Robertson (103), Liam Highfield (103), Jamie Burnett (104), Adrian Gunnell (104), Judd Trump (108,122), Anthony McGill (128), Daniel Wells (132) and Chen Zhe (132).

Today the "VIP" round starts, so let’s wish all the players good luck and see you tomorrow for the latest news. ;-)