PTC 6 - Day 2

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The second day of the PTC 6 show
It was a fabulous day for snooker, a day when the "heavy names" were playing at their best for a place into the next round. The same rules - three matches, a lot of tension, a lot of powerful opponents, a lot of points and prestige involved. What’s really nice is that the scoring system was working properly so it was a pleasure to follow the scores after what happened last week. You see? I praise them when they deserve it! :-P Anyway, I still get questions from fans, asking me if these events are covered by any television. Unfortunately not. It would be great, but...this is not possible, yet! Why do I say this? Well, because there are some rumors that this might change in the future. I don’t know when, next season, or next year, but World Snooker’s big ears captured your thoughts on the subject and they are doing their best to fulfill your wishes. Now, that was nice, or what? :-))

But let’s begin with the second day of this beautiful mini-tournament, as I like to call it. :-)

Matt Stevens to reach the last 16
The first to stand out from the crowd and get a place into the last 16 round was the PTC 2 winner, Maaaaark Selby! :-) "The Shark" of snooker whitewashed Andy Lee and Jak Jones 4-0 but he really made us nervous for in the last match he entered into a decider with the Chinese Xiao Guodong. He won, 4-3 in the end, but there was a lot of pressure and tension involved in that last frame. And since I’m here I can’t overlook the beautiful performance that Xiao had during this PTC event. He really deserves our respect, for he is one hell of a player! :-D
Next in line, Jamie Jones (the PTC 5 runner-up) made it through the last 16 round by beating the only feminine presents in this tournament, Reanne Evans 4-1, showing the door to the one who put quite a show in the latest PTC events, Peter Ebdon by a 4-3 score and ending the day with the same tight score in the match against Mark Allan.

Wenbo, the only Chinese in the last 16 round
Dominic Dale was on fire as he knocked out the current world champion and number 1, Neil Robertson 4-1, only after he crashed Stephen Ormerod 4-0 and beat Kuldesh Johal 4-2, and the Welsh Matthew Stevens made it through the last 16 after defeating the seven-time world champion, Stephen Hendry 4-1, the PTC 3 winner Tom Ford 4-3 and crashing the Irish Fergal O’Brien 4-0.
The fresh winner of the EPTC 2 event, Shaun Murphy won 4-2 over David Gilbert and Alan McManus and 4-1 over Paul Davison as the only Chinese left in the competition defeated James Wattana 4-1, crashed John Delaney 4-0 and hammered Joe Swail 4-1 in order to book himself a place into the next round.

The Whirlwind brew away his opponents
The last two to qualify into the last 16 round, but just because this was the order of the matches and not based on their performances, were Jimmy White and Ali Carter. Ali won very easily his first match, for his opponent withdrew from the tournament (Mark Williams), but ended up on a very tight score in his next match against Patrick Eisle 4-3; however he reached the decisive match where he whitewashed Liu Song 4-0.
Jimmy White had one day in paradise, I think, for he won three matches in a row for a nice and cozy place into the next round. "The Whirlwind" brew away all his opponents, beating the fearless Aditya Mehta 4-2, defeating Jamie Cope 4-1 and ending on a tight 4-3 with James McBain. Pure class from this wonderful snooker legend! Such a joy to see him was doing so well! Hope to see the guy reach the semis, if possible! ;-)

Still, no news as for yesterday century breaks, so I’ll have to update this section later on. But you can check the latest results, here.

Have a nice day, my snooker “termites" and see you tomorrow for the final day of the PTC 6 event. :-)