EPTC 5 - Day 2

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Three EPTC`s winners reached the Last 16 round
The second day of the EPTC 5 event was filled with great surprises. Now really, this tournament gives you so many twisted situations that you don’t know who is going to win it. :-)) But I think it’s for the best, because foreseeable events will definitely spoil all the fun, don’t you think? :-P
Anyway, another day and some other names that are being missed from the players list, as Steve Davis withdrew from the competition, as well as Kevin Van Hove, Justin Astley, Tony Knowles and Marco Fu.

I was telling you a couple of days ago that this competition seems to be a very lucky one for those who have won an EPTC or a PTC title in the past. And yesterday my theory was once again confirmed as Stephen Lee (EPTC 4 champion) made it through the Last 16 round, as well as Marcus Campbell (EPTC 3 champion) and Shaun Murphy (EPTC 3 champion). :-))
Lee crashed Matthew Selt 4-0 and defeated Alfie Burden 4-2, Campbell won 4-0 over Ralf Gunzel and 4-2 over Andrew Higginson and the youngster Jack Lisowski and Murphy whitewashed Mike Dunn 4-0 and beat Ian McCulloch by a 4-1 scoreline.

Davison had a very good day
A very nice surprise to see Paul Davison as he booked himself a safe place into the next round, for he beat Mario Wehrmann 4-2, the Irish Fergal O’Brien by a very tight 4-3 score and Anda Zhang 4-1, as well as Mark Allen who won 4-0 over Michael Heeger and 4-3 over the two-time world champion, Mark Williams (Allen’s first opponent was Jamie Burnett, but he withdrew from the competition).
Jimmy Michie beat his namesake, Jimmy Robertson 4-1 and Adam Wicheard in a tight match by 4-3 (his second opponent, Marco Fu withdrew from the competition), Peter Lines had a very good day as he hammered Kyren Wilson by a 4-1 score, beat David Morris 4-3 and ended his day with a victory over Kurt Maflin 4-2 as for Joe Perry...he started with a very determined 4-0 over Rune Kampe, continued by the same score as he sent home Matthew Stevens and ended his day with a miraculously 4-2 over the one and only Mark Selby.

We can overpass the constant efforts of Kurt Maflin, who almost reach the Last 16 round, as he beat Liu Song with an amazing 4-1 score, but got beat in the last match played against Peter Lines, as well as Jack Lisowski who whitewashed Oliver Brown and Jurgen Kesseler 4-0, but was sent home in the evening by Marcus Campbell.
Here, you can check the scores.

Big day today, as every player is fighting for a place in the final! Good luck to all the contestants and see you tomorrow for the comments. ;-)