EPTC 6 - Day 1 and Day 2

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The beautifully host of EPTC 6 event - Prague
The last EPTC event brought snooker to the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. From 19 until the 21st of November this city filled with living history will feel the smell of snooker and embrace the most wanted snooker player in the world ;-) And even if many of them decided to withdrawn from the competition, this doesn’t mean that this last event won’t be as successful as the ones before it.
As you already know after this tournament the best 24 players will fight March next year in the PTC final, due to take place in Ireland, a country that has a lot of snooker lovers and which definitely is a good choice for a snooker feast. But until next year, we still have to know what’s going to happen in this EPTC, so today I’m going to tell you who qualified for the Last 16 round.

First day and some pretty nice surprises, as the Thai Issara Kachaiwong entered the Last 16 for the first time in this series of events. He had a light start, as his opponent Anthony Hamilton withdrawn from the tournament, but won some really tight matches against Andrew Higginsion and Rory McLeod 4-3.
Peter Ebdon (who needs to score big time, as Americans say, in order to qualify for one of those 24 spots) had a very prolific day as he whitewashed Oliver Brown and Peter Lines 4-0 and beat Gerard Greene 4-2, Michael White won 4-1 over Patrick Eisle and 4-2 over Allan Taylor and the EPTC 3 champ Marcus Campbell; as for Joe Jorgia, he also reached the next round after beating Tony Knowles 4-1, Ian Glover by the same score and Justin Astley by 4-1.

Issara reached the Last 16
Wales is being proudly represented in the Last 16 round by Matthew Steven, who beat Jidrich Prehal 4-0, Jimmy White 4-2 and the youngster Jack Lisowski 4-3.
Barry Hawkins showed us he is back in the game as he crashed both David Singh and Kyren Wilson 4-0 and ended on a tight 4-3 the match played against the Chinese Liu Chuang, Stuart Bingham had an amazing day filled with great results: 4-0 with Jurgen Kesseler, 4-1 with Matt Selt and 4-1 with Andrew Pagett and Ryan Day "made his day" :-)) by winning all his matches, first played against Mark King 4-2, second played against Mike Dunn 4-3 and third with Ben Wollaston 4-2 .

So, as the first group to reach the Last 16 is packed and ready, let’s see who were the lucky boys to be part of the second group, shall we? :-)

Yesterday the nice surprise were also the key ingredients to the snooker show as Michael Holt put on an extraordinary performance and qualify for the next round. After having a really hard time both professionally and personally, it’s nice to see the guy back on the track, as he beat Joe Swail and Stephen Maguire 4-2 (his first opponent, Liam Highfield withdraw from the competition).
After losing the decisive match for the Premier league semis a couple of days ago, Mark Selby put himself together as he won 4-1 over Bjorn Haneveer and 4-2 over Dominic Dale (the PTC 6 winner), Jamie Cope definitely coped with all his opponents for he defeated Alex O`Denaghue 4-2, beat Liu Song 4-3 and eliminated Anda Zhang with a 4-1 scoreline and one of the most consistent and eager to win PTC/EPTC contestants, Ricky Walden kicked ass as usual, in the matches played against Maurice le Due (4-0), Dave Harold (4-2) and Jimmy Robertson (4-0).

Michael Holt back in the game
The EPTC 2 champion and EPTC 5 runner-up, Shaun Murphy entered the Last 16 round once again as he passed through Alfie Burden and Anthony McGill 4-1, Ken Doherty made another try to win some precious ranking points as he beat Robert Drahn 4-0, Xiao Guodong 4-3 and Stephen Lee 4-0, Mark Allen finally made it to the next round after whitewashing Serge Dapraz 4-0, defeating six-time world champion Steve Davis 4-3 and sending home Andy Hicks 4-1 and the special treat of today’s tournaments John Higgins, proved he’s back for good as he sent home PTC 3 winner Tom Ford with a 4-1 scoreline, ended on a very tight 4-3 result the match with PTC 4 champion, Barry Pinches and beat Adrian Gunnell 4-1.

 Here you can check all the results.

Today, the final battle begins. Will we see a new champion, or shall we have the honor to have a "veteran" win the title? :-P As tension rises and the matches are becoming harder a lot can happen, so be sure to follow the live scores and keep your fingers crossed for your favorite/favorites ;-)