The Premier League caravan reaches Norfolk

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Last stop - Norfolk
This is it boys and girls! After 10 mighty, entertaining and very crazy rounds and after travelling high and low through all the major UK`s cities the Premier League will make its final stop in the county of Norfolk, at Hopton on Sea - The Potters Leisure Resort for the semis and the big final.
But today the semis are in order so we shall talk about them. First of all there are no more round robin! That’s it! It’s finished! Caput! :-)) The playing rule being “the best of nine frames". So no more draws, no more "I’ll get one point, you get another". This is a true snooker battle, with all the necessary ingredients for two of the players to reach the final.
So tonight we will see the likes of Ronnie" The Rocket" O`Sullivan, Neil " The Thunder from Down Under" Robertson, Shaun "The Magician" Murphy" and Marco " The Cue-Man Fu" ...well Fu :-))

First match of the evening is going to be between the defending champion Shaun Murphy and the Hong Kong cue man, Marco Fu. For both players the run has been quite exciting, but I think for Fu was even more exciting as he is second in the order of merit with 8 points.
I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t imagine that this little Chinese will reach the semis. Not that he is a bad player, or that he doesn’t deserves it. Not at all! It’s just that it’s kind of a "tradition" to see Williams or Selby or Higgins or I don’t name him, in the semi-finals. Buuuut, let’s not forget that back in 2003 Fu won the Premier League title beating 9-5 the Welsh Mark Williams. That’s a remarkable performance! 

Murphy and Fu target the final
To review his run on this year’s competition, Marco has won three times, drew two times and only lost, that’s why he is in the semis and at the end of the day, even if many of the people out there don’t give him credit, he is a very ambitious player with a lot to give to snooker and he will definitely try to book himself a place in the final.

On the other hand, the current champion Shaun Murphy has only 6 points after struggling in several matches, but he’s eager to compete and to guard his title if possible. He won it fair and square last year in the final played against the master Ronnie O`Sullivan 7-3 and he’ll do it again if the chance appears.
He has had a pretty good run, although he could have done better, registering two victories, two draws and two defeats.
When he played Marco Fu in the third round of the Premier League, he lost 2-4 after being in lead and that was quite a shock to be honest. However, tonight is different as a big prize is at stake - a place in the final! :-)

The second match of the evening will bring together two of the snooker stars, Ronnie O`Sullivan and Neil Robertson.
What can one say about "The Rocket"? He’s one of the greatest snooker players that has ever lived in this world and he holds the record of wining eight Premier League titles, five of them being on a row. Satisfied? :-)) What more there is to be said that hasn’t been said about him? Oh, and I should definitely add that fact that right now he is the only player from this year’s Premier League that hasn’t had any defeats, for he drew three times and has won three times in the round robin stages.

The stars of snooker - O`Sullivan and Robertson
No one can deny him the title as the format is something he fancy about and the fact that is just an "one night stand" and he can go home after it suits him well, rather then an endless tournaments and...well, he is a very talented player that can win whatever his heart desires! ;-)

Robertson was very close of not being part of the semis, as he struggled throughout the competition gaining only 5 points and depending on the last week match to make it through. He has won only one match, drew once and lost three times....and this is not a very impressive performance from the world champion and world number one. And it’s a pity because he is a very good snooker player, a young yet determined to win everything player with great titles under his belt and great results.
When he played against Ronnie two weeks ago, he was almost whitewashed by a 5-1 scoreline, so tonight is going to be very interesting. Will the "Thunder from Down Under" rise to take the lead? Or will he be "buried" in a beautiful signed victory of "The Rocket"?

So be sure to tune in on SkySports 4 from 7:30 pm and see what Premier League snooker is all about! :-)
You can watch it here too:

Enjoy snooker my dears! :-)