The Premier League caravan reaches Weston-Super-Mare

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The 8th stop - Weston-Super-Mare
We are approaching the final stages of this year’s Premier League as the snooker caravan reaches the beautiful seaside town Weston-Super-Mare. This will be the eighth stop with only two more to go so we shall find out very soon who will be the lucky four semifinalists. But until then, tonight two more important matches that need to be played. And since we can’t have matches without players, here’s the list: Marco Fu will take on current world champion Neil Robertson and the en-titre Premier League champion, Shaun Murphy will face Mark Selby. A very interesting night, I dare to say! :-)

The first match will see the clash between the Hong Kong cue man and the "Thunder from Down Under". I must admit that Marco Fu is a big surprise for this tournament, as at this moment he is in the top with 6 points. Well, and to be honest he’s playing pretty good also :-P
He started with a draw in his match played against "The Rocket" in the Premier League’s first week, but won his first match 4-2, against Shaun Murphy. Then came the horrible 5-1 defeat he suffered in the session with "The Jester from Leicester", only that one week later to see him drew with Mark Williams. Finally, he cashed a important victory, the one which made him secure his place in the run for the final stages, as he won 5-1 over Ding Junhui last week in Penrith.

Marco Fu and Neil Robertson clash
It was a pretty intense run for the little Chinese guy and tonight will be his last match; he needs a victory in order to book himself a place into the semis due to take place at the end of this month.

Neil Robertson is still a "freshman" in this competition with only three matches played, as we speak. He started on the wrong foot, as he was hammered in a 4-2 defeat by Mark Selby, but drew with Mark Williams only to see him win his first match two weeks ago, when he whitewashed Ding Junhui by an amazingly 6-0 scoreline! He is the only player to score this result in this year’s Premier League! What a great "touch" by the current world champion and world number 1.
Robbo has only 3 points in his pocket, so he will need a victory tonight, in order to keep a safe run. Although he has two more matches to play, a victory always makes it easy to cope with the pressure.

"What do you say, partner?"
The second snooker treat for tonight will be the one where "The Magician" and "Mark the Shark" will be involved.
Shaun started with a remarkable victory, 5-1 over "The Chinese Sensation" in this competition’s first week, although he lost a very important match with Marco Fu 4-2, in the third week. Still he succeeded in closing with a draw the match played against Ronnie O`Sullivan to gain one more point, so until now he is sharing the same amount of points (three, to be more precise) as Neil Robertson. With two more matches to play in the Premier League, the "Magician" will be reaching towards a victory also.

Mark Selby has had a not so good run, for although he has two victories, he also has two defeats, and to spice things up, he has alternated them. First, he lost the match against his namesake, Mark Williams 4-2, but won the next match with the Australian Neil Robertson 4-2 and second he was defeated by Ding Junhui with the same result 4-2, only to win the very next week the match with Marco Fu by a 5-1 scoreline. He has 4 points, it’s true, but I surely hope he will lose this pattern of "win a match lose the next" for it’s not such a good idea to lose the one that will take place tonight. He is to play in one more round of this year’s competition, in the last one (to be more precise), so he needs a victory when time will not pressure him too much.

With a very "snookerish" evening ahead of us, I invite you to tune in at 7:30 pm (UK time) on SkySports 3, for your share of top class snooker. :-)
And here are the links for watching the Premier League LIVE, if you don’t get the chance to see it on your own personal telly. Hope they’ll work:
1st link
2nd link (please make sure you select from the list: Snooker Premier League)

Have a pleasant snooker night, my dears! :-)