The Premier League caravan reaches Llandudno

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Tonight`s host - the town of Llandudno
What a beautiful way to end the round-robin rounds of this year’s Premier League then to make a final stop in the country of Wales, in Llandudno (to be more precise); a searesort that takes your breath away!? :-) But the four names that will compete tonight for a place in the semis, will also leave you breathless, for Ronnie O`Sullivan, Mark Selby, Shaun Murphy and Neil Robertson are the mighty knights ready to attack :-)).

The first match of the evening will be the one where “The Rocket" Ronnie O`Sullivan will take on " The Jester from Leicester" Mark Selby.
For Ronnie the place in the semis is there no matter what, for the Essex boy has 7 precious points in his bag. After three draws (with Ding Junhui, Marco Fu and Shaun Murphy) and two victories against Mark Williams 4-2 and Neil Robertson with that amazing 5-1 scoreline, "The Rocket" will definitely be seen in Norfolk the next week, fighting for a place in the big final.
As we all know, Ronnie is the master champion of the Premier League with 8 titles won until this moment, 5 of which were on a row. So, not to be rude, but to have a final without him will be...well, not as good as it should be...let’s put it this way! :-P

The Rocket will take on The Jester
Mark Selby has had a pretty good run until now, as he won two matches (4-2 with Neil Robertson and 5-1 with Marco Fu), was defeated twice (2-4 with Mark Williams and Ding Junhui) and drew once (with Shaun Murphy). :-D. Not the best way to book yourself a place in the semis, but enough to easy your way in. Drawing the line, he has 5 points and he seems to be the next name on list for playing in the semis. If he wins, then we will definitely be there, if he draws he will definitely be there, if he loses, then...we’ll just have to see what will happen in the next match...and that’s not the idea!!! He needs to do his best tonight, in order to secure his place in the semis. ;-)

The second match will see the clash between “The Magician" Shaun Murphy and "The Thunder from Down Under" Neil Robertson.
For Shaun things are pretty much settled as he has 6 points which are enough to secure him a place in the next round. He gain them by winning 5-1 over Ding Junui, losing 2-4 against Marco Fu, drawing with O`Sullivan and Selby and finally winning 4-2 over the Welsh Mark Williams. With ony one defeat, it`s clear enough why he is defending champion! ;-)

On the other hand, Neil Robertson’s future in the Premier League competition is not very bright. He only had 3 points and that’s even less that Ding Junhui had when we was out of the run for the semis. Is true, he still has one more game tonight and he could win it. Still, that means 5 points....5 points that will not be enough, for sure to secure him a place in the final stages of this tournament.

Shaun and Neil will end tonight`s snooker feast
He started his run with a defeat in front of Mark Selby 2-4, continued with a draw with Mark Williams, then he crushed Ding Junhui with that outstanding 6-0 scoreline but ended up with two defeats, first against Marco Fu (2-4) and second against Ronnie O`Sullivan (1-5). So, Australia’s boy needs a victory and even so his presence in the semis will not be a fact as he will depend mostly of how his opponents will score. :-(

So, this is it! Tonight things will be sorted out and one way or another we will find out who is going to be the last name written on the semis list. Good luck to all of them, as for you my dears...I invite you to tune in on SkySports 2 from 7:30 pm (UK time) for what it will definitely be… a blast! :-)
And below you have the links for watching the snooker! ;-)
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See you tomorrow snooker lovers! :-)