The Premier League: Magic and Science all the way

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Ooops, I did it again! I`m in the final! :-)
It was a wonderful night for snooker here in the county of Norfolk! It was such an amazing show, with such great names rocking around the snooker table, with a bit of drama but top class snooker! And what better way to do the semi-finals of a Premier League tournament than this way? I can’t think of a more perfect way of having my share of televised snooker than with all these ingredients on!
An intensive night for the snooker lovers but also for the players, for at stake was a precious place in today’s final.

The snooker feast started with the clash between the defending champion Shaun Murphy and the Hong Kong cue man Marco Fu and although Fu rushed to take the lead by firing in breaks of 83 and 45 for a 2-0 scoreline, "The Magician" wasn’t going to sit and watch his title being taken away from him. So he fought back as he won his first frame with an amazing 103 break, won the second with an 81 break, the third with a 97 and...Should I go on? You know I have more! :-)) Ok, so let’s take a break and review the score: it was 3-2 for Shaun and Fu didn’t pot anything while "The Magician" was wining his way back.
Last two frames were also won by Murphy with breaks of 69, 28 and 68. Final score 5-2. Actually the last frame ended on a 68-0 result and Fu got up of his chair and shook hands with the winner. Now, that’s what I call fair-play! It takes a lot of courage and "cojones" to admit you didn’t play your best and give it to the one who did. It was little chance to see Fu make a comeback and he knew it, as the poor guy was kept in his seat for five frames on a row, but still he did won those first two frames fair and square!

Back to, was he on fire or what?! Those pots, those moves, those incredible breaks! I think that from what I’ve seen until this moment, this could very well be the best performance Shaun did! It was so focused on the game, so into it, so...aaarrr! :-)) I just love to see a player give so much to this sport and the sport responding to him in such a wonderful manner! It was such a joy to see him doing so well.

Murphy cueing like a dream
The second match was the one given between the "Premier League" master of all times, Ronnie O`Sullivan and the world number one and current world champion, Neil Robertson.
After the "madness", this started as a very cool game, as Ronnie was trying to build a nice break, but missed a pink giving Robbo a chance to came to the table for a 34 one. Still, "The Rocket" was going to win the first frame with a 61 break. Not far off, Robbo kicked back with breaks of 26 and 65 for a 1-1 scoreline. And that was it! The end! I have to continue? Come on, you know who won, right? :-))
Kidding! But that was it for Robbo last night as he sat quietly in his chair while Ronnie was hitting breaks of 82, 139 and 102 for a 4-1 lead!!!!! All engines warmed up and kicking like hell as “The Rocket" was flying and potting those balls like a dream!!!! :-))
In the last frame, Neil tried to make a difference by registering a 51 break but that wasn’t enough to beat Ronnie’s 70 break who also meant a 5-1 final result! What a victory for O`Sullivan who reached the final! What a performance! Brilliant! You don’t even have to be a fan of his to admit he rocked in such way!!!!! Wohooo!!!

Fu and Robertson were sent home
So tonight we shall be the witnesses of the Grand Final: Shaun Murphy v. Ronnie O`Sullivan. So will we see the last year re-match or this time " The Science" will beat " The Magic"? Well, we’ll just have to wait for tonight won’t we?! :-P

Don’t miss snooker from 7:30 pm (UK time) on SkySports 4!!!! Oh, and since to find a decent link that actually works so you can see the match is becoming quite an adventure, please follow my Tweets or my FaceBook page to read the latest updates of links, breaks and scores. ;-)

See yaaaaaa!!!!!