Robertson backs up his snooker comrade

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Robbo welcomes the three-times world champion back
We all know that John Higgins is due to take part at the EPTC 5 event in Hamm, Germany later this month. It’s going to be very interesting to see how he will be received by his colleagues, but also by the audience. No doubt some awkward moments will be part of the equation. :-P

Still, the current world champion and world number one, Neil Robertson seems not to hold any grudge against his snooker colleague, John Higgins, considering that the bombe exploded at the same day that Robbo was playing the final at Crucible. He is glad that John has decided to come back and he declares he will be one of the players who will welcome the Scot into the snooker business.

"We're all human beings and make mistakes. John will be welcomed back by me for sure. Having the likes of John and Ronnie at their peak and still in the game is fantastic and when John comes back it will be another world-class player to beat, and that makes me even more inspired to practice harder.", said the Australian who was also backed up by Mark Selby, who added:
"It'll be great to see him back playing because we want to see the best players in the world and he's obviously one of them.".

Regarding Robbo`s thoughts on Higgins suspension and the whole process with the independent tribunal and the final punishment, he said:

"Some players probably feel the suspension should have been for longer, some players feel it was probably right. But it was out of our hands. The players aren't the ones who make the decisions, [World Snooker chairman] Barry Hearn is not the one who made the decision on the ban - it was an independent tribunal. So if any players want to have anything negative to say then it should be towards them and not John Higgins."

A very wise and diplomatic response in a world too full of opinionated people, I dare to say.;-)

The Melbourne kid is having a really good season, as he reached the top of the ranking system and recently won the World Open tournament, beating Ronnie O`Sullivan in the final. With a personal life that anyone would dream of having, for he has a beautiful baby boy named Alexander, Robbo has changes his life style and his way of approaching snooker practice.

"I used to be so lazy and stayed up playing video games and watching movies until whenever I wanted. But now I'm much more structured. I'm getting up at 7-7.30am, playing with my son for an hour or so and getting to the club by around 9.30-10am now.", said the champion.

And as it seems, it has worked perfectly for him. That’s why he is a top class snooker player. ;-)
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