The Snooker World Seniors Championship - Day 2

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See you in the final, boys!
The snooker feast has continued with the quarter-finals taking place at the same modern and fancy Cedar Court Hotel from Bradford, with great snooker names involved. For those of you being present at the venue, you already know what I’m talking about, but for those less fortunate...well, let’s just say there is always television, but we’ll have to wait until Christmas! Yeah, I know it sucks, but at least you’ll get to see the boys, right?
Anyway, let’s focus on what happened yesterday and who were the four lucky players who reached the semi-finals of this amazing snooker event.

The day started with the match between Nigel Bond and Ken Doherty and much to my surprise, Mister Bond won with a 2-0 scoreline. Well, not that this is bad or anything but to be honest I was expecting at least some kind of "fight" between the two. Oh, come all know what I’m talking about! Those 1-0, 1-1 scores, that makes you is going to bring the match to a decider. That kind of stuff. But it wasn’t like that, Bond being too strong for Ken to they say in sport. So, the first semi-finalist is the Englishman, Bond...Nigel Bond. :-)) Sorry, I just like to do that :-P

Very soon after this match the six-time world champion, Steve "The Nugget" Davis was to meet an old friend, Joe Johnson. The boys have an interesting history together as Steve lost to Joe back in 1986 the World Championship by a 12-18 score, only that one year later Joe will lose 14-18 to Steve.
But yesterday things were pretty simple for "The Nugget", that is a perfect example of a successful sportsman and a true gentleman. Davis ended the match on a whitewash 2-0, to be the second semi-finalist of this year’s World Seniors Championship, the second frame being secured with breaks of 61 and 53.

Johnson said: "I haven't played on a cloth that fast for about five years and it showed. I was getting position, but only when I missed the pot."
As "The Nugget" replayed in his own typical way of bringing the fun to discussion: "I always end up being the villain of the piece. It's not my fault I drew the local man."

Let`s see who`s potting those balls better, shall we?
From 3:00 pm (UK time) there was Dennis Taylor and John Parrott’s turn to play some snooker. So, they did. But it seemed like the same pattern applied in this situation as the match ended on a 2-0 score...for the third time yesterday! The one who pot those balls and had dominated the match, was Liverpool’s John Parrott who booked himself a place into the semis, by doing so.

The last quarter-finals session was the one where "People’s champion" Jimmy White has had a very nice encounter with the Canadian Cliff Thorburn. A very different match, but with the same final result 2-0. Jimmy was the one who has rocked that snooker table, for he hit a beautiful break of 81 in the first frame and a 54 in the second to win his place in the semis. Cliff was left with only 8 points in the first frame and 6 in the second one. Can you imagine that?! Sure it was one of the most bizarre snooker encounters for Jimmy is like the Speedy Gonzales of snooker and Cliff is like...the turtle that moves very slowly, but it reaches the finish line in the end.
"I flew over from Canada for this and hardly got a shot - I think it worked out at 1,000 miles a ball. Jimmy is still playing great stuff at the age of 48. But it's been a wonderful event and I'd love to come back next year.”, said the 1980 world champion, as his opponent and friend, Jimmy White added:
"I got in the balls early on and lucky enough I scored well. The best-of-three games are always tough because you know one mistake can be costly. The semis are best-of-fives now which will feel like a marathon."

So Jimmy will face John Parrott in today’s semi-final. The two players met back in 1991 in the World Championship final when John won 18-11 to lift the trophy but also during the UK championship final, when Jimmy lost again, 16-13. But in 1992, "The Whirlwind" fought back as he won the final of the UK Championship 16-9. So this will definitely be a very interesting match to see and comment. ;-)

The snooker gang
The day ended with the first semi-final, the one between Steve Davis and Nigel Bond. And since we’ve reached the semis, the rule "best of five" applies, so this gives an extra chance for a quick comeback when your opponent has won the first frame, or even the second one. It’s not easier, but you have more time on your side.
So, who is our first finalist? Well, the match ended on a 3-1 score, in favor of Steve I guess he is! :-)) Yep! “The Nugget" made it through the final and this is going to be such a blast! We will be facing Jimmy White or John Parrott today so how cool is that going to be?!

"It's such a great field here so I'm delighted to be into the final. I can see this event becoming a regular fixture on the calendar, and when you think of all the players worldwide over the age of 40 who could play in it, there is scope for it to grow.", said Davis

But beyond all these scores and the competition, let’s not forget that the boys are enjoying themselves and that’s what really makes the difference. They take it into good spirit and they joke and laugh about their mistakes or fouls. Dave Hendon was saying the other day that John Parrott told him that the prize for this year’s championship winner is a hip replacement :-))) Now you get the picture :-))

So, today from 12:00 pm (UK time) we shall see who will be reaching the final! Is it going to be Jimmy White, or is it going to be John Parrot? And after that, around 15:00 pm (UK time) the big final will take place. What a thrill! I can hardly wait to see who will lift the trophy, don’t you? :-))
Speak to you tomorrow, for some gossip :-))