The Snooker World Seniors Championship - The Wind of change

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Jimmy White - the 2010 World Seniors Champion
It was definitely one of the most interesting and entertaining snooker tournaments ever. The first edition of the World Seniors Championship brought with it great names, great snooker and a new way of seeing this sport. Of course, the fact that it was a non-ranking event with not so stressful matches (all the players being friends and all) made it a little bit easy, but the competitive animal was still there so this tournament was serious after all. ;-)

As I was telling you, yesterday the second semi-final was to take place in the first part of the day with the likes of Jimmy White and John Parrott as the big shiny names on the scoreboard. It was an easy road for Liverpool’s star, as he won the first two frames to take the lead and make us think this match was going toward a whitewash. But "The Whirlwind" was not going to let that happen, as he rushed in a beautiful comeback and since that wasn’t enough to win him a place in the big final, he won one more frame for a 3-2 scoreline. What a marvelous performance for the "Wind"! Jimmy was in the final of a world championship (and if you like numbers, this was his 7th time)

Although I was too little back in 1984 to remember what it was like to see and feel the tension from that year’s Word Championship I was still buzzing to see Steve Davis and Jimmy White fighting after 26 years for an world title. In `84 the winner was Steve Davis with a 18-16 scoreline, but this time things were going to be different, for Jimmy was on fire! He won the first three frames in what seemed to be a very easy task for him and it was so close to end on a whitewash when "The Nugget" won his first frame, making the score 3-1. This was getting interesting! Still, "The Whirlwind" didn’t prolong the tension and ended the match with a 4-1 victory to conquer his first world championship title. What a thrill!!!!

The "White" knight has defeated the "Ginger" kinght
Needless to say that Jimmy is over the moon with this world title! Short after he was crowned the king of this year’s World Seniors Championship, he wrote on his Twitter account: "Well it's taken 30 years. It may be seniors but it's a world title I'm so happy. Thanks for all the support!! Love you all. The wind!" Now, you can imagine who he must be feeling! And to be honest, I’m soooo happy for him! He deserves this title more then anyone else. Yes, of course Steve played great also, but he has six world titles in his bag, so it was nice to see "The Whirlwind" finally winning the World Championship, even if it’s a seniors.
Now that I start to think about it...for us, the fans he will always be our champion no matter if he wins a world title or this one is just confirming what a true believer and sportsman he is, because we already know he is a champion. ;-)

"I'm delighted; I had to be on my game because Steve was also playing well. When I feathered the white in the fourth I thought 'here we go again', but I managed to keep it together. My safety was very good and that's what won it for me. I’ve been putting a lot of hard work in recently, I've still got a lot of enthusiasm and I love playing. I'll be back on the table tomorrow and heading to Germany later this week for the EPTC event, and hopefully keeping this form going.", said Jimmy.

I am legend...I am champion!!!
Well, I don’t know about you guys, but for me, seeing him so determined and so full of energy with his confidence all packed up for a new run in a snooker competition, it’s such a joy! It’s always nice to see people back on their feet and it really gives me great pleasure to see Jimmy White hitting the balls so damn good and making his way through the crowded competition. You know what? There will always be people who will complain that nowadays players are very good so they can’t make in this business. Well, here’s a perfect example for you - Jimmy White! He kicked Neil Robertson ass in the EPTC 2 event with a 4-2 scoreline and made it all the way through the quarter-finals in PTC 6 event. He is a true legend and a true inspiration for every snooker player out there.

So, it really gives me great pleasure to congratulate Mister Jimmy White, the new Seniors World Champion!!!!! Yipeeee!!!! :-)) He made it happen! And although we’ve always known it, now it’s official for all to see and cheer - you are a champion!!!!!! ;-)