Things are getting hot for snooker

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Are you suspicious? Please, do report it!
Like it or not the John Higgins case it’s still a "bleeding wound" in snooker’s back and although John had a pretty good run in the EPTC 5 event, as he won the title, the fact that he was involved in a bribing scandal will shadow his sparkling trophy.
As Higgins made his "debut" in the up named competition, the snooker’s governing body (aka WPBSA) presented the players in Hamm with the launch of an anti-corruption hotline. This is part of that big project that I was telling you about by mid September, the one that marks one of the three pillars that make the Integrity Unit a living reality. You can read more about this subject here.

So, things are getting hotter and hotter in snooker :-)) It is expected that through this anti-corruption hotline, players will be able to report any suspicious activity that could damage the snooker business, its credibility and transparency or even the honesty of certain snooker players.
The WPBSA disciplinary chief David Douglas said: "It is a hotline and email service for the players that is anonymous or otherwise. The players can use it to report suspicious activities or to inquire about information about the rules and regulations. It is a case of the WPBSA being pro-active and making sure we are not arrogant to think that corruption is not a part, or could not be a part, of the sport."

As I’ve said it before this Integrity Unit is a very good thing and I’m sure it will make a difference in snooker, but we have to remember that in the end it comes to each player to be honest and play in respectful manner. We can build fences 100 meters long as some people will find a way to climb them in just one minute, so prevention will not prevent the unpredictable 100% :-)) Is that making any sense? I think you know what I’m talking about. :-P

Still, after the Higgins and Mooney dreadful scandal that overshadowed the World Championship final and the whole snooker industry such action was very much required and it’s good that the big brains that are in charge of this business made this happen.
There’s a saying that sounds something like “You can’t undone what’s been done”. And it’s true, you can’t…or in the majority of the cases you can’t. And that’s why focusing on the future and on the many ways we can stop a bad event from happening again, seems like a very wise decision.
Certainly this anti-corruption hotline will not erase the existent damage (at least not immediately) but it will improve the way that snooker is being perceived by many people. In the end the gentlemen` sport needed a breath of fresh air, a brand new start and a better built foundation ...and now it getting all of these and more :-)

On a more positive note, I`ll hope you`ll enjoy this "related" video :-P