UK Championship Qualifiers - Day 1

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One of the biggest tournaments in snooker industry is, without any doubt, the UK Championship. Actually is the second most important snooker event of the season after the World Championship, to be more precise. With a great history, starting back in 1977 when the Irish Patsy Fagan beat the Welsh Doug Mountjoy 12-9 in the final, this tournament meant, means and will still mean a great deal for the snooker troop of players who look up in getting their name on the trophy.

Although it was a non-ranking event until 1984, the UK Championship speaks about top class snooker, about the old days when snooker has known its glory, about those snooker legends that everyone fancy to play against, about etiquette and style, about discipline and quality. It’s definitely a signature tournament in snooker.
But not anyone can enter this event, as only the best of the best have a place in this sort of competition. This year the main event will take place in Telfort, UK during 4-12 of December and it will be a televised event. But before we get all excited and fancy some live snooker on our private telly, the boys must qualify for this. So, the qualifiers round started yesterday and it will end on December 1. A lot of nerves were in order as the prize is definitely something all of them will like to enjoy - a spot in the UK Championship 2010.! :-)
The rule for the qualifying matches is "the best of 17", this meaning we shall have two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Yesterday started with the match between Paul Davies and Patrick Eisle, the first session seeing Paul taking the lead 5-3 and the second one continuing the "view" with a final 9-7 scoreline.
The 20 year-old boy from Swindon, Liam Highfield was to take on his fellow country Kuldesh Johal, ending the first session on a 5-3 result and the second on a 9-7, Jamie Jones obtained a beautiful victory against Demont McClinchery 9-4 (after leading 6-2 in the first session) and Andrew Pagett eliminated the Thai Noppon Saengkham with a 7-1 scoreline in the first part of the day and a 9-2 in the evening.

Another match and yet another Thai who saw himself heading home, after Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon got beat by Ben Woollaston 9-2. It’s interesting to see that in the morning session the score was 6-2, so the poor guy with tones of letters in his name :-P didn’t win any frame in his second encounter with the Englishman.
The last fight of the day was given between Brazil’s golden boy Igor Figueiredo and China’s Liu Chuang. In the first session Igor was being lead with an outstanding 1-7 scoreline, only to see that difference "minimised" when the little Chinese ended on a 9-4 result.

But the first day of the qualifying rounds wasn’t over for everyone, for some of the players were disputing their "luck" in the first session (the second one being held today). So here are the matches for which we know the partial results:

James Wattana 5-3 Kurt Maflin
David Gilbert 5-3 Issara Kachaiwong
Mark Joyce 5-3 Jak Jones
Xiao Guodong 7-1 Reanne Evans

The second day of the UK Championship qualifiers will definitely bring more great names and more great matches, so I promise to keep you informed at the end of each day, ok? :-)) See you tomorrow my little snooker "termites" . :-P
Here’s the list for today’s matches:

Joe Delaney v. Adam Wicheard
James McBain v. Simon Bedford
Patric Wallace v. Jamie O`Neill
Michael White v. Justin Astley
Jack Lisowski v. Anda Zhang
Kyren Wilson v. Paul Davison

*the first session starts at 10:00 pm and the second at 7:00 pm (UK time).


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