UK Championship Qualifiers - Day 2

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The second day of the qualifying rounds for the UK Championship, due to take place at the beginning of December, brought ten players into the next round, meaning one step further to reach the final stages.
And since yesterday I was telling you about those four matches that had only the first session disputed, let’s see what happened with the players and who booked himself a place into the second round.

The Thai James Wattana ended his first session against Kurt Maflin on a 5-3 lead and continued in the same way by "disallowing" Kurt to win more than one frame in the second session and ending on a 9-4 result, by doing so.
On the second match, things were a bit different as the Thai in charge , Issara Kachaiwong was being lead 5-3 and didn’t succeed and moving not even one frame away in the second part of the encounter with David Gilbert, who sealed his victory 9-3.
Mark Joyce beat Jak Jones by a 9-7 scoreline, after ending the previous session on 5-3 and the Chinese Xiao Guodong crashed the "Lady of snooker", Reanne Evans by a 9-1 final result, after he easily took the lead with a 7-1 score two days ago.

10:00 am in the morning and the boys were starting to play some class snooker. Class snooker that was going to end almost in the middle of the night.
Firstly we saw Adam Wicheard securing his sport in the next round by winning 9-3 over Joe Delaney, and secondly Patrick Wallace, who kicked Jamie O’Neill’s ass as he ended on a 7-1 score the fist session and closed with a 9-4 superiority. :-P
Michael White and Justin Astley finished their first rendez-vous on a draw (4-4), but in the evening session White was the one who won with a definitely 9-6 scoreline; as for Jack Lisowski...the little guy didn’t seem to have any trouble in sending home "The Mighty Mouse" Anda Zhang (6-2) by a final score of 9-4.

The 18 year-old English boy, Kyren Wilson defeated the more experienced Paul Davison 5-3 in the morning session and 9-6 in the evening one and...saving the best for last ;-)...the clash between James McBain and Simon Bedford was the first dramatic match of this qualifying round, as in the first part of the day McBain was in front with a 6-2 score, only to see Bedford making a huge effort and coming back into the game at an 8-8 scoreline!!!! The last frame was pure murder as it seemed like James was going to win, but you know that in snooker nothing is settled until the last ball is potted, so the one who made it through was Simon. What a terrific effort and what a comeback! :-)

Today’s matches are being played by some really cool might even find a Whirlwind among them ;-)

From 10:00 am and 7:00 pm (UK time)
Matt Couch v. Paul Davies
Tony Drago v. Liam Highfield
Joe Jorgia v. Jamie Jones
Peter Lines v. Andrew Pagett
Rod Lawler v. Ben Woollaston
Jimmy Michie v. Liu Chuang

From 2:30 pm (UK time) - the first session
Jimmy White v. Adam Wicheard
Bjorn Haneveer v. Michael White
Anthony McGill v. Patrick Wallace
David Morris v. Michael White

See you tomorrow boys and girls! :-)