UK Championship Qualifiers - Day 3

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Location: the city of snooker - Sheffield...or should I say the Snooker Academy of Sheffield? Now you know what I’m talking about, right? :-P And you also know that yesterday was quite a day for snooker, as six players reached the next round and four more had disputed their first match session. As usual, tension was part of the game, for a place in the second biggest tournament in the UK it`s a big deal. But let’s leave aside the details and see how the third day of the qualifying rounds was for our boys. :-)

Matt Couch drew 4-4 with Paul Davies in the morning session, so both players were starting on the same foot in the evening, that’s why the battle was as tight as hell and no-one of them were willing to give up; but in the end it can be only one winner, and this time Matt was the man as he ended on a 9-8 scoreline.

"The Tornado" from Malta, Tony Drago had a fantastic day as he took the lead 6-2 in the match played against Liam Highfield in the first round and continued to be the champion in the second one with a final result of 9-4, Jamie Jones beat Joe Jorgia 6-2 in the morning and ended on a 9-6 lead in the after-noon and Peter Lines and Andrew Pagett have given one of their best performances ever, as Andrew was in front 5-3, but lost in the end 8-9. A very dramatic match with a pretty “I didn’t see that coming” final result, I might add :-))

Rod Lawler had a pretty amazing run as he defeated Ben Woollaston 6-2 in the first session and finalised with a 9-3 score and Jimmy Michie unfortunately saw himself being sent home by one of China’s wonder boys Liu Chuang, who imposed himself 5-3 and 9-5.
But along with these boys, another eight had disputed their first round of "cues` duel" and obtained the following partial results:

Jimmy White (7-1) 9-1 Adam Wicheard
Bjorn Haneveer (4-4) 4-9 Simon Bedford
Anthony McGill (3-2) 4-9 Patrick Wallace
David Morris (2-6) 3-9 Michael White

So good luck to them, but also to these guys who are next in line:

Jimmy Robertson v. James Wattana
Andy Hicks v. David Gilbert
Alfie Burden v. Mark Joyce
Michael Judge v. Xiao Guodong
Matthew Selt v. Jack Lisowski
Ian McCulloch v. Kyren Wilson