UK Championship Qualifiers - Day 4

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Time seems to fly when you are in love...with snooker. :-P Four days had passed since the qualifying rounds for the UK Championship have begun and things are getting hotter and hotter. The battle is hard, is messy and it’s twisted :-)) Just kidding...though it is hard. :-) Anyway, so yesterday was one of those days when you can say "Man, I love this sport!" Why? Well, because most of the matches played ended up on a very tight result, the "snooker knights" being forced to play all the frames and consume all their energy for a place in the next round.

If you’ve followed my recent posts, I was telling you about those four matches with only one session disputed, yesterday the final word being written on the score board. Here, there were some surprises, for who took the lead in the first day wasn`t necessary the winner in the second one. So, Jimmy White blew his opponent mind (Adam Wicheard, in this case) as he fired an amazing 9-1 scoreline, Simon Bedford sent via Belgium, Bjorn Haneveer after a 9-4 victory, the Irish Patrick Wallace won by the same score over Anthony McGill and David Morris saw his run terminated by losing 3-9 to Michael White. A very good day for the Whites, I might say! :-))

But what happened with the guys that had to finish their both sessions yesterday was a true delight for a snooker lover. Tension, drama, twisted situations and I let you fill the space with whatever you consider proper, for yesterday was definitely one of those crazy yet very entertaining snooker days :-)

Three matches ended up on the same score (4-4) after the players finished their morning session: the one between Jimmy Robertson and James Wattana, the one between Matt Selt and Jack Lisowski and last but lost least, the one where Ian McCulloch and Kyren Wilson were the stars.
In the evening session Wattana rushed to take the lead and secure a place into the next round as he scored 9-6, Matthew and Jack fought with all their strength for a final 9-8 scoreline, in favor of the first and Wilson ended on the same tight and tricky result (the ingrate 9-8) as he eliminated McCulloch from the competition.

Xiao Guodong continued his set of victories after defeating with an excruciating 9-1 score the Dubliner Michael Judge and Mark Joyce defeated Alfie Burden after taking the lead 5-3 in the first session and ending on a 9-7.
But the last match of the day, although it was the second on line, was the most dramatic one. Andy Hicks and David Gilbert were on for a genuine battle of snooker and even if Hicks had the advantage of winning in the first session 5-3, Gilbert made a remarkable comeback and kept on going, fighting shoulder to shoulder for an 8-8 scoreline and finally winning by a 9-8 scoreline. Another amazing match to finish the day!

Today things will be quiet as the players are on a break, but don’t worry, for Sunday morning will start with these fab matches:

From 10:00am and 7:00pm (UK time)
Fergal O’Brien (5-3) Jamie Jones
Nigel Bond (4-3) Peter Lines
Anthony Hamilton (0-5) Rod Lawler
Alan McManus (2-4) Liu Chuang
Dave Harold (2-5) James Wattana
Barry Pinches (3-5) David Gilbert
*update after the first session

From 2:30 pm (UK time) - the first session
Robert Milkins (5-3) Matt Couch
Tom Ford (4-4) Tony Drago
Dominic Dale (5-3) Matthew Selt
Rory McLeod (4-4) Kyren Wilson