UK Championship Qualifiers - Day 5

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After a free day, the boys of snooker have resumed their battle for a nice and cozy place into the UK Championship. And although for many Sunday it’s a day of rest, for them it was a very busy, busy day filled with tension, excitement and lots of frames...yet again! :-)

The Irish Fergal O’Brien was leading 5-3 after the first session, in the match played against Jamie Jones and continued his road towards victory ending with a 9-4 scoreline in the evening, Nigel Bond was first in line after 4-3 in the morning, but saw himself being sent home by Peter Lines with a final result of 9-7 and Rod Lawler had an amazing day after almost performing a whitewash on Anthony Hamilton in the first session 5-1 and sealing his victory with a beautiful 9-3 scoreline in the second one.

Liu Chuang is no stranger from winning, as he did it again yesterday in the match played against Alan McManus 5-3 in the first session and 9-5 in the second and the same rule applied for the Thai James Wattana who kneeled the strategist Dave Harold 5-2 and 9-4.
The PTC 4 event winner, Barry Pinches lost to the mighty and in great form David Gilbert after Dave took the lead 6-2 and ended the match on a 9-4 victory.

As for those four matches that had only one session disputed the scores look something like this:

Robert Milkins (5-3) 9-4 Matthew Couch
Tom Ford (4-4) 9-6 Tony Drago
Dominic Dale (5-3) 9-6 Matthew Selt
Rory McLeod (4-4) 9-4 Kyren Wilson

Today, from 2:30 pm (UK time) we shall find out the final results on the above matches but there’s more snooker going on, so here’s the list with the players eager to win a place into the next round ;-)

From 10:00 am and 7:00 pm (UK time)
Marcus Campbell (3-5) Mark Joyce
Stuart Pettman (4-4) Xiao Guodong
Adrian Gunnell (2-6) Jimmy White
Joe Swail (6-2) Simon Bedford
Michael Holt (3-5) Patrick Wallace
Jamie Burnett (4-4) Michael White
*update after the first session