Coaching United of Snooker

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Let`s coach the boys of snooker!
Snooker is less popular than it was in the `80s, that’s unfortunately a real fact, still there are so many people out there eager to compete in snooker tournaments, or to watch a snooker match, or to learn more about this sport. There are still many fans that are enjoying every minute of a snooker competition, who travel high and low to see their favorite players in action, who are supporting snooker day and night. There are still many youngsters who take interest in the sport of snooker, who dedicate their time to practice and to get better in playing this "gentlemen` sport".

If you want to succeed in life, you need to study hard...well, at least that’s what I’ve been told as a child...a situation that’s not 100% true nowadays, sadly. But in sports the process of studying it’s a must! You need to practice, you must practice, and you have to practice! :-))
It is said that when the pupil is ready the teacher appears...well, let’s say we do have some ready pupils out there in this where are the teachers?

Last week, the WBPSA (World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association) headed by its chairman Mr. Jason Ferguson, announced a new coaching scheme that will be put together in partnership with the IBSF (International Billiards and Snooker Federation) and carefully managed by the six-time world champion, Steve Davis.
The main target? The players who need guidance and want to make it in the snooker business.

Steve "The Nugget" Davis said: "I've had many wonderful years in snooker and I feel as if it's time to put something back into the sport, and this coaching scheme is an ideal opportunity to do so. Snooker is rapidly becoming a truly global game with the popularity growing in Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and South America and it's time to capitalise on that by getting more young people involved. They are the Ronnie O'Sullivans and Stephen Hendrys of the future."

WPBSA and IBSF have team up for a better snooker

With 82 National Governing Bodies in the world, snooker will stand a chance to be known better and to bring more successful players in front. Coaching is a very important step in making it into the snooker industry and every person who wants to take this road must know will not be an easy one, but it will sure bring a lot of rewards along the way.

Jason Ferguson also declared the followings: "Our strategy is to increase the number of coaches at all levels globally and make them fully accessible to schools, clubs and community groups. The intention is to show the basics of our sport to young people and increase the numbers participating."

The IBSF President Pascal Guillaume added: "Since the IBSF Coaching Academy was formed in 2005, we have put many initiatives together - but none approach the importance of the agreement we announce today. To work hand in hand with the WPBSA, and Steve Davis, in this area will make it so much easier for the game to grow to its full potential - and for all our plans to come to fruition."

Without any doubt, the idea of putting together a new and improved coaching scheme is a wonderful one and if things go as planed I’m sure we sill see more and more talented players in the highlights. But let’s not forget that to be a coach is not a "piece of cake" and who has the courage to enter in such a "zone" must be well aware that is not enough to know the rules, but also to inspire the player. 
A teacher is a person who inspires the pupil to learn rather than one who just teaches the lesson, that’s why it will be very important to see how the coaches will be selected. I know that with Steve Davis in charge of the situation things will blossom, for he has a very experienced eye on snooker and all that relates with this sport, but I think the biggest challenge will be to teach the teachers to teach, won’t you say so? :-P

Anyone interested in helping the growth of snooker by becoming a coach can contact WPBSA's Bristol office on 0117 317 8200.